Shuukan Idol – Meri Kurisumasu Edition

super girls asakawa nana

In this Shuukan Idol, we have MVs from CY8ER, Q’ulle, Last Idol, Musubizm, SKE48, and more to enjoy. There’s also a few single announcements and covers which are worth a look. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> CY8ER clap their way into our hearts in Hello New Generation

CY8ER have been dominating this year with a new lineup and several releases. Their latest MV continues that trend with a classroom packed full of lasers and a slow electronic song. This is the perfect way to kick off the year and an MV that fans should not miss!

> Here’s everything you need to see for Last Idol’s debut single Bandwagon

Last Idol have finally released their debut single and it seems like we’re in luck since we got a ton of MVs to enjoy from this release. From an adorable adventure of them in a forest, to them dancing in several inches of water, they’re all well worth a look!

> Q’ulle sing as a couple fights in Arclight

Q’ulle are getting ready for their 1st album with avex and to celebrate we’re getting a drama MV to enjoy. In it we get to see a couple fight and makeup as Q’ulle sings along with a band. It’s a sweet way to promote the release, and one that shows just how versatile they are.

> Ciao Bella Cinquetti rock some bowler hats in Nando mo Nando mo …

Ciao Bella Cinquetti have been having an amazing year, releasing several singles for fans to enjoy. This time they’re bringing in the bowler hats for their latest song which is seriously worth a listen. Get ready for several scenes of them standing in a circle!

> Yurumerumo! break out the bagpipes for must go

Yurumerumo! is back and this time they’re breaking out the synths and bagpipes for their latest MV. If that weren’t enough, we get to see scenes of them as they go to the airport and spend time together eating. It’s a simple but great way to enjoy their latest album, so make sure to check it out!

> Musubizm remember the good times in their final live MV for Mata ne

Musubizm might be gone, but their memory will love forever in the form of a live MV. In fact, it’s the perfect way to say goodbye since we get to see the members having fun together and smiling before their final live. Stay until the end for some special scenes of them saying goodbye. Thanks for everything Musubizm!

> SKE48 remember the past for Muishiki no Iro

Are you into nostalgia? Then you’ll probably be a big fan of SKE48’s latest MV which shows off costumes from all of their past singles. It’s a nice touch and one that is sure to please fans who have been supporting them since they formed.

Notable mentions:


This week we have Icle Girls with their MV for sweet sweets LOVE. Out January 24th, the track is part of their 8th single of the same name.

Are you a fan of simple idol music? Then you’re in luck since Icle Girls have just what you need, with an MV packed full of at least 5 heart shaped balloons, sweet sounding vocals, and a ton of shots of them singing in front of balloons.

Sure, it might not have the production value of higher budget MVs, but it’s fun and enjoyable. Get ready for a sweets filled MV with a sweet sound below!

sweet sweets LOVE
Icle Girls

Do you have too much sweetness in your body and you don’t know what to do with it? Quick, hit that button below and grab a copy of the single to support them:


That’s it for this week, merry Christmas, happy holidays, and stay tuned for the next one!