Momoiro Clover Z Bring The Carnival In The MV For “Clover to Diamond”

momoiro clover best album

Momoiro Clover Z bring the carnival in the MV for their track titled Clover to Diamond.

Out May 23rd, the track is part of Momoiro Clover Z’s best-of album titled MOMOIRO CLOVER Z BEST ALBUM “Momo mo Jyu, Bancha mo Debana”.

Releasing a 10th anniversary album is something that few groups get to do, especially in the idol scene where groups drop off rapidly. But, Momoiro Clover Z have managed to do just that and they’re celebrating with an impressive release.

Kicking us off, we get to enjoy a calm beat as the members slowly appear on stage. The overly happy back dancers do a great job of keeping the energy going as the scenes shift from a dark room to a colorful set. Eventually this turns into a full blown carnival with drag queens and colorful dancers, making for a colorful addition to an otherwise simple release.

But, what about the song? It kicks off as a ballad and stays that way for the better part of the song. Soon enough we get to enjoy some upbeat music as the carnival kicks into full gear.

It’s a must-see release that perfectly combines everything that Momoiro Clover Z are capable of. Check out the MV below and grab your copy of that album to show your support!

Clover to Diamond
Momoiro Clover Z

Also, if you’re on the fence about getting a copy of their best-of album check out the teaser video below which shares a few clips of what you can expect:

momoiro clover best album cover 3 cds 2 bluray
3CDs+2 Blu-ray


momoiro clover best album cover 2 cds 1 bluray
2CD+1 Blu-ray


momoiro clover best album cover 2 cds


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