Shuukan Idol – Returns and Departures Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide variety of MVs from NGT48, AiNA THE END, CHiCCHi, and Hello! Project All Stars as well as the return of a veteran SKE48 member. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> NGT48 cross paths in the synchronized MV for Curtain no Gara and endure Minami Kato in the MV for Kokoro ni Taiyou

In the latest batch of NGT48 MVs, we get to enjoy a couple of unique MV themes. From a mini-Shibuya crossing packed full of synchronized dance moves to a variety of funny scenes featuring Minami Kato and her quirky personality. They’re both well worth a look!

> AiNA THE END lays in bed for her Keinaide MV

BiSH’s AiNA is an artistic dancer. Need proof? Check out the MV for Keinaide where we see her get out of bed, go to a table, and then go back to her bed. It’s more interesting than I make it seem in that last sentence, trust me.

> Matsui Jurina returns from hiatus

It’s been a couple of months since Matsui Jurina went on hiatus, but we have great news: she’s back! Yes, she seems to be in great health and has already performed along with the rest of the group on a TV show. Go out in the streets and celebrate or sit quietly in your room and think “that’s nice”!

> Cent Chihiro Chicchi sings from the rooftops in the MV for Yurouji to Tsuki no Hime

Chicchi might not have an artistic MV for her solo song, but she definitely wins points for having one of the happiest videos. In it we get to see as she spends time smiling and dancing with another girl while singing from the rooftops. Highly recommended!

> Hello! Project All Stars become squares in the colorful MV for Akogare no Stress-free

Want to see every Hello! Project member singing from a colorful box? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what we get to see in the latest Hello! Project All Stars MV. It may not be as powerful as the MV for YEAH YEAH YEAH, but it’s the perfect video to enjoy when you want to listen to every H!P member at once.

> Takeuchi Miyu announces her graduation from AKB48

Well, this sucks. Miyu is one of the group’s most recognizable members and has left her mark on the group through the years. But, the 10 year AKB48 limit strikes again and she has decided to seek other opportunities. Full details available above. We’ll miss you Miyu!

> PassCode go full throttle in the heavy MV for Taking you out

PassCode are no strangers to action packed MVs, and their latest is among their best. Ignoring the heavy promotion for the mobile game, the scenes of the members singing at the top of their lungs as the camera swings by rapidly are all done incredibly well. It’s amazing, just check it out!

Notable mentions


This week we have NEO JAPONISM and their MV for Carry ON. This single will be released on September 11th.

Heavy idol music is among the greatest discoveries in recent history. Groups like PassCode and BABYMETAL have paved the way for more harsher combinations of idols with rock music. Well, NEO JAPONISM are continuing that trend with an intense track for fans to enjoy.

In the MV for Carry ON, we get to enjoy an intense track packed full of fast-paced guitars and drums. It’s no joke. The song is by far one of the most intense I’ve heard and a step above other groups who rely solely on screaming vocals. It’s so good.

But, it’s also pretty good in the visual department as well. We get to see NEO JAPONISM as they torture a guy with some light fixtures a la Star Wars. The intense changes in shots and the flashing effects make for a thrilling video. Add in the fact that the guy joins the group for a final dance number and you have yourself a complete release.

The only question in my mind is if that guy is now part of the group, will we get PBs of him? Will we get to read blog posts of him enjoying delicious and cute food? Probably not, but hey, at least we got a cool MV. Check it out below!

Carry ON

Stay away from the glowing light fixtures and check out NEO JAPONISM’s releases on CDJapan below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!