SUPER★GiRLS hit the beach in the MV for their 22nd single titled “Natsukare★Vacation

super girls natsukare vacation

SUPER★GiRLS hit the beach in the MV for their 22nd single titled Natsukare ★ Vacation.

Out June 12th, the single will be released in Limited (CD+Blu-ray), Regular (CD-only), and a download card.

Summer releases are among the most awaited by idol fans since we get to enjoy the tried and true formula of idol groups adding bikinis to incredibly upbeat songs. Well, the time has come for SUPER★GiRLS to release their first summer release and the result is a simple and amazing MV that fans are sure to adore.

With Abe Yumeri as center, we get to see the SUPER★GiRLS as they dance in formation on a bright and sunny beach. It’s a simple but colorful way of showing off the members in a tasteful way. The white bikinis give off the feeling of summer without going too hard into the fan service side, which is appreciated.

Of course, you can’t have a summer MV without an upbeat song and we get that for Natsukare★Vacation. It’s a bit subdued but it works well with the calmer scenes we get to see, with the members all giving their all during their solo lines.

It’s a great summer start for SUPER★GiRLS so make sure to grab your sunscreen and hit the beach with them below!


super girls natsukare vacation cover limited

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super girls natsukare vacation cover regular

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