Yurumerumo! do magic tricks in the MV for “Sayonara Sekai”

yurumerumo sayonara sekai

Yurumerumo! do magic tricks in the MV for Sayonara Sekai.

Out May 29th, the track is part of a 3-month consecutive song delivery promotion.

Idol groups doing magic tricks is something that we don’t see that often. It might be because magic tricks are usually done by middle-aged men, but the world of magic has been relatively untapped by idols. That is, until now.

Yurumerumo! are giving it a try with their MV for Sayonara Sekai where they do a variety of magic tricks as they sing along to the relaxed song. It’s a bit of a simple MV in concept, since we don’t get any dancing and just them doing a couple of tricks, but it’s a nice way of going against the traditional format.

As for Sayonara Sekai, it’s a rather calm song with some steady vocals from the members. There isn’t much to write home about since it sounds like a traditional Yurumerumo! song, but hey, if you need something chill then this should be a great option.

It’s a rather calm start to Yurumerumo!’s 3-month song promotion, but those who are fans of the group should feel right at home. Get ready for a magic show like no other!

Sayonara Sekai

yurumerumo sayonara sekai cover

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Yurumerumo! OHP | Natalie.mu


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