Shuukan Idol – Jumping into a lake edition (July 15 – 21)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from NMB48, SKE48, BEYOOOOONDS, Seireki 13 Ya, and more. Check all of the MVs out in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Seireki 13 Ya sing from the ruins of a building in the MV for Yokuto Asterism

If you’re a fan of electronic + idol music, you may have heard the name Seireki 13 Ya being used once or twice. They’re a pretty talented group that have one of the cutest members (Nene) and some of the most intense beats. They are too intense at times, but they’re a fun group to see, so check out the MV above and get ready to dance!

> Osaka☆Shunkashuto jump into a lake in the MV for Sono Te

Maina and the gang have been pretty active with their career, having recently debuted a OP theme for One Piece. They’re continuing the energy-packed songs with a song that shows off Maina’s singing abilities while also showing us what happens after you jump into a lake with your friends. Keep an eye out for the pile of life-jackets thrown on someone!

> Queentet show off their coolness in the motorcycle-packed MV for Boku Dake no Kimi de Ite Hoshii

What type of song comes to mind when you imagine leather outfits, motorcycles, and dark scenes? Rock? Fast-paced, energetic? Well, you’re unfortunately incorrect. It’s a ballad, and a pretty good one from the NMB48 unit Queentet. It’s a confusing release in terms of visuals but it’s a pretty nice ballad that works to show off the singing abilities of the members.

> SKE48 party it up in the colorful MV for Se~no de Iouze!

SKE48 are continuing their latest MV with a party, a house party to be exact. In it, we see the members as they cook up a feast where they all enjoy some good food and company. It’s a simple release and doesn’t have a packed story, but sometimes you just need something relaxing to end the week.

> NMB48 remember the good times in the seifuku-packed MV for Bokou e Kaere!

Do you ever miss the days when idol MVs were just seifukus and cute songs? OK, some MVs are still like that but NMB48 are bringing us back to a simpler time with their latest MV. It’s a trip down memory lane as we see Shiroma Miru going around a school remembering her fellow school friends. It’s a fun and pleasant MV that fans of the group are sure to enjoy!

> SKE48 hold sand in the dark for their Jinsei no Mudazukai MV

SKE48 also released another MV this week and it’s a unique one. In it we get to see the members holding sand as they sing along to a cool, modern instrumental. It’s a weird and artistic treat for fans of idols and sand, which I’m sure there are at least 2 on this earth.

> BEYOOOOONDS release 3 MVs for their debut single

BEYOOOOONDS are an interesting group. Their name packs in 5 O’s and they also have a unique theater + idol theme that is pleasantly surprising. For those who are looking forward to knowing more about them, you’ll be glad to see that we got not only one MV, but all 3 of their debut MVs at once. Check them all out above!


This week we have WILL-O’ and their MV for Kanjou Sensen Hikari Emotion. Out since June 4th, the release will be their 1st single.

WILL-O’ are a name I’ve heard around the idol fan community, but never got a chance to check out. Well, they’ve recently released their 1st single’s MV and I finally got a chance to change that. So, is their latest MV a good one or is this a release you should skip?

It’s a glitch MV so each scene is packed to the brim with all of the effects available in the editing software used by the video editors. This means that if you’re sensitive to lights and flashes you should probably skip it, but for those of us who can stomach the intense effects, this MV is a perfect introduction of how creative a group can be.

There is no rhyme or reason as we get to see the members sing to the camera as their faces are distorted as they stare at the camera. Hexagons pop up and float around their head, naked images of them (covered, of course) show up in the background, and more. It’s seriously a feast for the eyes.

Thankfully, it’s a feast for the ears as well since the song packs in an impressive instrumental with guitars and electronic beats. It’s heavier on the drums, but the vocals from the members work perfectly as they sing along to the beat of the song. It’s a delightful track that fans of rock songs are sure to enjoy, so give it a watch below!

Kanjou Sensen Hikari Emotion

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That’s it for this week stay tuned for the next one!