Shuukan Idol – Last dance edition (August 12 – 18)

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In this week’s we have Shuukan Idol, we have MVs from BiSH, Nogizaka46, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, and more. Add in a surprise graduation from BiS and you’ll have our 7 highlights of the week!


> BiSH show off an AiNA documentary in the MV for GRUNGE WORLD

In most idol groups, it’s common for a group to have a center that is known as the face of the group. For BiSH, AiNA is definitely that member. Her voice is stunningly unique, and many know her for her talented dancing. Well, we’re celebrating her legacy with a documentary MV that shows off her trip back to Osaka, her hometown.

> Nogizaka46 recover their confidence in Romendensha no Machi and celebrate Sakura Reika in Tokidoki Omoidashite Kudasai

Nogizaka46, you are growing on me. The 2 MVs that they released this week are pretty well done and show off a ghost girl befriending a girl who gets bullied and a graduation song from Sakura Reika. Both are must sees!

> Yes Happy! take a stroll around town in the MV for Are You Happy?

Sometimes all you need to relax is a simple idol song with some guitars in it. You’re in luck then, because Yes Happy! have released an MV packed with scenes of them exploring a city and singing to a catchy instrumental. It’s the simple MV you need to relax, so give it a watch!

> Task have Fun dance around school in the upbeat MV for D-A-S-H!! ~Ikenai Koto Kashira?

Task have Fun have just released their latest albums and they’ve released a fun and upbeat MV for fans to enjoy. There is one catch though: the quality of the song is not the best. It seems like they’re going for an 80s sound but unfortunately it makes the song sound like it has some “fog” on it. The scenes are cute though.

> Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da wake up in a plastic bag for their Antilyours MV

Zenkimi are that group that you can always count on for energetic and fun music. Their latest shows off yet another amazing song alongside a band, a ton of lights, and some plastic bags. It’s a bit on the simpler side, but the song is anything but ordinary.

> SHACHI gets lost in the music for her Tokyo MV

SHACHI is pretty awesome. Her smooth voice works wonders with the lo-fi chill beats that she has been releasing lately. Thankfully, we’ve gotten a rather simple but fun MV that shows her chilling on the floor. There are English lyrics included so make sure to give it a watch!

> Manako Chi Manako has left BiS

Well, this was unexpected. The 3rd generation of BiS seemed to be like a fresh new start for the group and a sign of good things to come. Unfortunately, Manako Chi Manako has decided to leave a day before the release of their debut single. Ouch. Best of luck Manako!


This week we have ROSARIO+CROSS and their MV for their new single titled Blue Monday. 

Ah, ROSARIO+CROSS. I haven’t stayed on top of their latest releases, but they’re still rocking out with passion. In fact, they released an MV for their latest single and it’s a … unique one.

In it, we see ROSARIO+CROSS as they sing along to a rather slow rock ballad. Most of the scenes show off the members dancing in a concrete room, but this works beautifully to match the tone of the song.

It’s not the most energetic of releases but it’s one of those singles that focuses more on the vocals and dancing, which works out well. Add in some random scenes of the group looking at a mirror and other areas within this white house and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

It’s a cool release that is sure to please fans, so make sure to give it a watch below!

Blue Monday

Dance your way to the link below to grab a copy of their latest single, or any other of their releases:

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That’s it for this week, thanks for reading Shuukan Idol!