C-ute “Summer Wind” MV Released

C-ute Summer Wind Limited Cover
Limited B

C-ute have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Summer Wind.

The track will be released on April 20th as part of their 29th triple A-side single alongside Naze Hito wa Arasoundaro? and Jinsei wa STEP! which we already have seen MVs for.

We’ve seen C-ute tackle a swing sound, as well as a funkier sound, but a traditional mature sound is something we haven’t seen yet … until now.

Summer Wind has an amazing sound, and one that is amplified by the white room setting and the beach scenes. The simple look allows us to focus on the amazing dancing and vocals of the members and minimally shows off just how talented they are.

It’s a mature sound that showcases what C-ute is capable of, so make sure to check it out!


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C-ute “Jinsei wa STEP!” MV Released

C-ute Jinsei wa Step Regular

C-ute have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Jinsei wa STEP!

The single is part of a triple a-side which will be releasing April 20th, and of which we have already seen the MV for the song Naze Hito wa Arasoundaro?

With a swing style, it seems like C-ute are showcasing a more mature side that fans are sure to appreciate. Of course, the genre has their own touch, with a catchy beat in the background playing as they slowly dance around the stage.

It’s a somewhat calm song, but one that is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone who watches it for how classy it looks and how well it shows off the dancing skills of this quintet.

It’s a must see for C-ute fans!


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C-ute To Perform in Hong Kong and Taipei

C-ute Cutie Circuit Hong Kong Taipei Concert

C-ute have announced that they will be performing abroad as part of their ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~Let’s go to Hong Kong & Taipei!~ tour.

The Hong Kong concert will take place on May 21st, while the Taipei concert will be on May 22nd.

The last time C-ute performed abroad was back in Mexico, so I’m glad to see that they are starting to perform outside of Japan a bit more frequently than before since fans around the world are able to see their favorite group in person.

For those interested in attending, make sure to check out Up Front Link’s Facebook post (linked below) about it for ticket details. It’s a good time to be a C-ute fan!

Up Front Link Facebook

C-ute “Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?” MV Released

C-ute Naze Hito Arasoun Cover Regular

C-ute have released the MV for their song Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?

The track is part of their upcoming triple a-side single alongside Summer Wind and Jinsei wa STEP! which will be out on April 20th. The covers and more details were released a few weeks ago.

The song itself has a hopeful message, with a title that means Why Do People Fight? it’s no surprise to see they they went for a slower beat. That, coupled with the flashy dresses and the use of trumpets and soulful background singers results in a unique sounding song.

The instrumental was an interesting choice since it has a nostalgic touch to it that pair perfectly with the setting of the MV to form a vintage look that is sure to please fans of the era.

While I am not a big fan of the sound I have to admit it’s still pretty solid and a perfect entry the group’s song list, mainly due to the opportunity they have to showcase their vocals.

Make sure to check it out since  it’s certainly one of the more interesting MVs from C-ute!


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C-ute “Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa STEP!” Covers Released

C-ute Naze Hito Arasoun Darou

C-ute has released the cover for Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa STEP!

Releasing April 20th, this single will be available in 6 editions in standard Hello! Project fashion (3 regular, 3 limited).

As or the covers themselves, I am loving the look and feel of each one of them, with each one showing off a unique theme that they have.

The main standout would definitely be the main track since the members are all wearing silver dresses with black gloves, but Summer Wind doesn’t fall that far behind with the casual look. Of course, it’s interesting to note that 2 out of the 3 show off a more mature look so we could be looking at an overall more mature sounding release.

Regardless, we’re in for an amazing single, so make sure to get your favorite version reserved since the release date is fast approaching!

Hello! Project Discography | CDJapan

C-ute’s 34th Single Announced

C-ute 2016

C-ute has announced the release of their 34th single titled Hito Naze wa Arasoun Darou? / Jinsei wa STEP! / Summer Wind.

Releasing April 20th, this single was announced at a release event the group held for their recent album release for Cmaj 9.

There will be 6 editions for this release, 3 Regular editions alongside 3 Limited editions which will contain DVDs.

Apart from continuing the H!P tradition of long single titles, it seems like we’re in store for yet another amazing C-ute single. Despite the title, there isn’t much to go based off of in terms of what to expect but we might get to see some ballads and upbeat idol songs.

We’re just around a month away so we should be getting more info soon!

Hello! Project | C-ute CDJapan

Hello! Project 2016 Hinamatsuri Festival Announced

Hello! Project

Hello! Project has just announced their 2016 Hinamatsuri Festival.

All of the dates will be taking place at the Pacifico Yokohama Exchibition Hall in Kanagawa:

Date Starts Group Performing
3/19 12:00 Morning Musume ’16
3/19 17:30 Juice=Juice + Country Girls
3/20 11:00 ANGERME + Kobushi Factory
3/20 17:30 C-ute

With the Hinamatsuri Festival being among Japan’s most unique festivals it seems like Hello! Project fans are in for a treat. Of course, not much else is known in terms of the songs that will be performed but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Source: Hello! Project

C-ute “Cmaj9” Album Covers Released

The covers for C-ute’s upcoming album titled Cmaj9 have been released.

There will be three editions: 1 regular alongside a Limited A and a Limited B. There will be a bonus DVD with footage from C-ute’s concert on April 29 in Ebisu for Limited A, as well as a Blu-ray with MVs for the Limited B.

So far the covers are looking solid with a nice fashion theme for all of them. It’s somewhat interesting that the covers have a more trendy look that is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Limited B is my favorite by far, but the simple look of the regular cover as well as the rectangle look of the Limited A, are amazing.

Release is set for December 23, so it’s just in time for Christmas!

Source: Hello! Project

C-ute “Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight” MV Released

C-ute Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight

The MV for C-ute’s Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight has been released.

We got a chance to enjoy the preview pretty early on and from what we heard it was a fast paced anime oriented song that stood out because of its energy. The good thing is that the MV is amazing. The outfits are stylish. The setting, while confusing at times, is quite nice once you get used to it. The wrestling montage does make sense too as well as that’s a relief since it matches the theme of the song.

I’m a particular fan of the “Ahh no! Bees!” movement they do at the 0:26 mark, but the standout of the MV has to be the fire effect around the end since it looks epic when combined with the music and the guitar solo going on.

The single is not far off, with the release date being October 28, so pick up your copy if you haven’t and check out the MV after the break!

CDJapan C-ute

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