Details For Takahashi Minami’s Last Single With AKB48 Released

Takahashi Minami

Details for AKB48’s 42nd single, currently untitled, have been released.

The details were released during the handshake event on October 25.

As expected, Takahashi Minami will be the center for the single, here is a comment from her translated by Tokyo Girl Update:

I have been assigned center position for my final AKB48 single.
The last time I stood center by myself was Sakura no Hanabiratachi, released when we were still on an independent label.
The single will be a definitive idol song in AKB48 style.
I am really happy that my final single here is an idol song.
Since it is not a song where I leave graduation messages for everyone, I sincerely hope it will be performed by many members and loved by all the fans even after I graduate.

It’s certainly nice to see more details about this release so we can begin to get ready for it. Unfortunately, it was only a handful. That means that our tracklist consists of nothing but TBD titles alongside one B-side title.

We will hopefully find out more in the coming month with some previews to look forward to.The single will be released on December 9, the day after AKB48 will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary. More details, such as the tracklist, are available after the break!

AKB48 CDJapan

Source: Tokyo Girls Update

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ANGERME “Desugita Kuiwa Utarenai” MV Released


The MV for ANGERME’s Desugita Kuiwa Utarenai has been released.

We’re greeted by a familiar movie sound effect that at first threw me off, but honestly hearing the rest of the song and the hard rock sound it definitely brightened up my expectations. The vocals are on point, and the guitar mixed with the drums remind me of Buono, which is amazing.

Of course, the song seems a bit messy at times (the classical instruments in the bridge), but I’m liking what I hear. An energetic song to say farewell to Kanon, culminating with a dark set and glow in the dark outfits.

November 11 is the date, so make sure to get your copy to support Kanon’s last single!


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Tokimeki♡Sendenbu “Kisetsu Hazure no Tokimeki♡Summer” MV Released

Tokimeki Sendenbu

The MV for Tokimeki♡Sendenbu titled Kisetsu Hazure no Tokimeki♡Summer has been released.

There will be 4 different versions, with the Doki-Doki version featuring a DVD with the members of the group doing Kimodameshi (going to haunted areas at night during summer) with a dance MV. Pyon-Pyon version will include the coupling song titled Pyon-pyon. Don-don version will have a coupling titled Don Worry and the final version titled Tokikuri will have a coupling titled Santa-san ga … Yattekonai!.

The song itself is quite upbeat with a colorful video alongside Hawaiian dresses and some interesting shots of the members being shot by water, getting hit by beach balls, as well as some cute scenes with drawings on the members.

From what I saw it’s quite the active and upbeat song so fans will definitely be pleased. It’s nothing that will revolutionize the face of music, but it’s decent.

We’ll be enjoying this single on December 2, close to the holidays!

Source: Tokimeki Sendenbu OHP

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Otome Shinto “Tsuchinoko tte Iru to Omou…?♡” MV Released

Otome Shinto

The MV for Otome Shinto’s Tsuchinoko tte Iru to Omou…?♡ has been released.

There will be 3 different versions, limited Type A with a DVD featuring an MV and the Making Of, Type B with a Dance shot MV and a dance instruction video. The coupling song will be titled Mune ni Hattekou!

The song itself has a whimsical sound to it with the members dancing in colorful outfits alongside a rainbow of colors which are quite impressive. Of course the dancing … completely not suggestive fish flashing in the background might be a bit too flashy for some, but other than that it’s a solid MV that showcases the colorful group.

November 18 is the date of released so make sure to get a copy!

Source: Otome Shinto OHP

CDJapan Otome Shinto

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Takagi Sayuki Solo Blu-ray Announced

Takagi Sayuki Greeting

As always these videos are amazing news for fans since it gives us a chance to find out more about idols that usually don’t get much attention. Takagi is one of those idols. Talented and cute, but sadly overshadowed by a few of her fellow members.

Thankfully from the video and the cover it seems like we’re in for an amazing release with a beach as the background alongside Sayuki in a cute school outfit as well as a shirt scene that culminates in her taking it off to reveal a bikini.

The blu-ray will be available for preorder until November from e-Lineup with a release date for December. If you’re interested, make sure to get your copy since it looks like a perfect way to find out more about her!

Takagi Sayuki e-Lineup

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Mai Kotone “Chururippa” MV Released

Mai Kotone

Mai Kotone has released an MV for her single titled Chururippa.

If you enjoy videos with idols avoiding eye contact with a camera then you’re in luck! I was quite surprised to say the least since the video is quite interesting, with many scenes featuring the scenery of Taiwan mixed in with scenes of Mai enjoying the area.

The song itself … is not the most impressive I’ve heard, but it’s a good start. Sure, Mai is adorable in every sense of the word with her cute voice being her standout point, but something about the weak vocals affects the rest of the video. It could be just the production of the single so I’m not placing the blame on her, but regardless it’s a solid song from an up and coming idol.

September 15 was the date when the single was released, so if you like what you hear make sure to get a copy!

Mai Kotone Profile

CDJapan Mai Kotone

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Dream “Blanket Snow” MV Released


The MV for Dream’s Blanket Snow has been released.

Not to be confused with the multiple songs with the word “snow” that will probably be released in the following months, Dream have provided us with an amazing and soulful song.

This MV is packed to the brim with white dresses and everything related to winter you can think of: knee high summer dresses, snowing in every single second of the MV (even indoors), as well as a group of cute and talented performers.

Curious? Check it out and enjoy the upbeat, R&B styled song courtesy of this group. We’ll get to enjoy this single on November 18 so it’s just a matter of weeks!

CDJapan Dream

Source: Dream OHP

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Japanese Music and Youtube Red: What’s going on?

Youtube RED

As most of you might already know, Youtube RED has been something quite controversial since it was first announced. For those who don’t know it’s a service that removes ads for viewers in the US for $9.99.

Overall it sounded like a good deal since I wanted to support the creators I enjoy on Youtube a bit more, and following a Netflix style seemed like a good idea at them time. We can finally get to enjoy music and save videos offline!

But … it seems like it has come with a double-edged sword for fans of Japanese music.

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Yumemiru Adolescence’s Kyoka “Sharkgirl ’99” MV Released

Kyoka Yumemiru Adolescence Sharkgirl 99

The MV for Yumemiru Adolescence’s Kyoka new solo single titled Sharkgirl ’99 has been released.

As you might recall, all of the members of the group Yumemiru Adolescence announced that they would be releasing solo songs and this is the 3rd out of the 5 we’ll be enjoying.

It’s quite an interesting title since not many people use the term “shark girl” (a kids movie comes to mind …”), but using some detective work we are able to find out why. The ’99 obviously refers to her birthdate, and the shark girl might be eluding to the more surf rock sound from the song.

Enough backstory, how’s the MV? It seems like quite a nice video since it has a cute and fun sound to it with Kyoka doing a lot of cute poses with the music. At times, it does feel a bit awkward, but regardless I’m loving the tune and the theme.

Check out the video after the break since it’s quite a nice release that showcases her cute voice!

Source: Yumemiru Adolescence OHP

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