Shuukan Idol – Morning Musume and AKB48 Finish April Strong

Morning Musume 16

This week was packed full of MVs, announcements about overseas performances, as well as interesting updates about a few groups.

What were our 5 top headlines of the week? Check it out!


Here are our top 5 news this week!

With a powerful ballad feel, Momusu show off just how amazing they have matured with their latest MV. Only one more to complete the single, which we should be getting next week!

Yurumerumo! make their way to a major label while losing two members in the process. Will we see a new generation this summer?

Country Girls lose a member for a few months as Inaba takes a break to recover from her asthma. Get better soon Inaba!

BAND-MAID continue to dominate the world as they make their way down south to Mexico. Surprising, but welcome performance for fans!

To wrap up the week, the highlight was definitely AKB48 showing off all of the MVs for their upcoming single Tsubasa wa Iranai. While it might have been a lot of MVs, it’s definitely turning out to be a solid single for the group (albeit a bit too calm).

Overall, this week was one full of MVs. With Momusu and AKB showing off their latest singles, fans of these idols are definitely going to be happy!

Site Updates

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So as some of you might have noticed, I’ve decided to show off a quick summary of the post with a “continue reading” link on it instead of just having all of the post on the main page.

From personal experience, it makes it easier to find the info you’re looking for while giving me a chance to include more info without having to worry bout the length of the post. The added benefit is the page loads faster which is always a plus.

Site name updates

I’ve almost got a list of possible site names down to my top three. I plan on putting them up to a poll so I can gauge the response and let everyone share their opinion.

I’m trying to make it easy to remember as well as finding a way to describe the site in a few words. As many who have sites might remember, this step obviously takes a bit of time to nail down but next week sounds like a possible goal!


This week has been a great one so I decided to end it in a happy tone with the catchy track from titled Otsukare Summer!. They recently released their GOGO DEMPA album so what better way to celebrate with this track?

What was your highlight of the week? Any feedback you’d love to share with us? Share it with us in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!