Shuukan Idol – Mashilove Edition

Aina Ayuni Chichi

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get an incredibly busy week with member graduations, additions, and many new releases being announced.

Featuring news from groups such as NGT48, Especia, HKT48, and more, here are our top 6 highlights of the week!


Mashilo leaves DEEP GIRL, immediately joins CY8ER

Mashilo is well known for being the face of DEEP GIRL, but the group took a hit when she announced her sudden graduation. We didn’t even get a chance to shed a single tear though, since she immediately joined CY8ER (formerly BPM15Q) on stage as a new member. Check out the post for more details!

HKT48’s Ota Aika announces graduation

Not many founding members of AKB48 remain active, and it seems like we will soon be losing yet another. Ota Aika has decided to take the leap and find her calling in life which will include her being an actress. Best of luck Lovetan!

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY are back again, announce 2nd single

LADYBABY managed to capture the hearts of many with their unique addition of Ladybeard, and while he might be gone the duo still pave the way with their catchy rock styled releases. We only have a release date for now but expectations are high!

NGT48 finally reveal release date for debut single

Remember when we found out about NGT48 finally debuting? That was a while ago. But, thankfully some slight details have been released. Check out the full post for which member will be center and the release date!

Especia announce breakup

Idol groups come and go, but often a group that didn’t get the proper exposure they deserved has to sadly say goodbye. In fairly short announcement, Especia announced that they had decided to go their separate ways. Best of luck Especia, wherever you go.

Nama Ham to Yaki Udon enter “fasting period”

While not a breakup, Nama Ham to Yaki Udon have surprised many fans with their decision to go on hiatus. It’s a blow for a group that was quickly climbing in popularity, but in an incredibly detailed announcement we get to find out a bit more as to why.

Notable Mentions


Thank you to everyone who voted! I’m able to more accurately use your feedback to better make a choice about the new site name. Now comes the fun part where I get to make the final decision.

I’m giving myself a due date for the end of this month where hopefully work and personal life give me a chance to sit down and finally plan out the final name. Make sure to stay tuned, big things are coming for the site!


It’s been a rough week for many. Whether it was a bad day at work or something a bit larger, we could all use a break from the daily stress of life to relax and enjoy some catchy music from our favorite idol and J-pop groups.

So to help end off the week in a high note, I’ll be sharing a new release from LinQ as well as a song that has been playing in repeat this week.

Starting off with LinQ, the group is just about to release a new single titled Makenaizo on February 22nd. It’s a ballad but the amount of fun scenes and situations the members are in help put a smile on our faces as they sing about determination.

Like what you hear? Check out their releases and grab a copy of the single!


Up next, I’m going back to my early days where I had just found out about Morning Musume and had begun exploring the wonderful world of J-pop.

One song in particular stood out. Titled Mikan, it’s drastically different to today’s releases where instead of EDM we get to enjoy an upbeat instrumental with a fun, catchy sound. Sure, it’s not Pyoko Pyoko Ultra in terms of positive energy (that Tsunku grunt gets me every time) but it’s still a solid release.

Not only does it have a message of living life positively, it also has Kamei, Gaki, and Sayu who are by far my favorite members (Kame’s smile makes the MV worth the look alone).

It might not have been the smash hit Momusu was looking for, but it’s still one of those songs you can’t help but enjoy when it comes on.

Make sure to check it out!

That’s it for this week, stay tuned in for the next one!