Shuukan Idol – DEEP Drop Edition

Guso Drop

In this week’s Shuukan Idol we get a handful of MVs for the latest HKT48, Ciao Bella Cinquetti, PassCode, and Niji no Conquistador releases. There are also two disbandment announcements and some interesting announcements for AKB48.

That and more in this week’s 6 highlights!


> Hashimoto Aina and company (aka Ciao Bella Cinquetti) release MV for Wadachi

A new single means new MVs and thankfully fans of Ciao Bella Cinquetti are getting a taste of some new music. Taking part in a field, the members all stare to the sides as Hashimoto Aina gives it her all. It’s passionate, catchy, and a solid release for fans of the group.

> HKT48 run from side to side in the MV for Sakuranbo wo Musuberuka?, film a commercial in Tonari no Kare wa Kakko Yoku Mieru and do homeowork in Gunyatto Magatta

When it rains it pours, and HKT48’s latest single is getting a lot of MVs to help promote it. The songs so far have been solid and packed full of unique themes that fans are sure to enjoy. From doing homework, to filming a commercial for a candy bar, there’s something there for everyone to enjoy.

> PassCode get flashy in the MV for Same To You

Have you reserved your copy of PassCode’s 1st album on iTunes? You probably received this song and have been enjoying it all week. Thankfully, an MV has been released for those who haven’t (you should though) which shows off the song and some cool light effects.

> Guso Drop drop bad news, announce disbandment

Guso Drop are a unique group. Unfortunately it seems like fans are getting their last taste of this group since they have just announced their disbandment. Raise your barbed wire bats up in honor of Guso Drop.

> DEEP GIRL are finally doing something, oh wait, they’re disbanding

Remember DEEP GIRL? They’ve just announced that they’re disbanding. This duo had a rough past but it seems like fans are finally getting some closure. Check out the post above for more details about the future of the members!

> Niji no Conquistador sure like bikinis in the seductively mature MV for Natsu no Yoru wa Mijika Sugiru Kedo …

Nijicon have been on a roll for their latest single, releasing MVs that channel the perfect summer theme. This time, we get to see the members taking a swim at night. It’s eye catching, packed full of fan service, and is among the catchiest songs I’ve heard from them.

Notable mentions:


This week we have Lovely☆DOLL and their song titled Yoake Mae, Niji ga Sasu. Out August 15th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

There’s a distinct dark theme, with all of the shots taking place at night with dark outfits. As the catchy ballad plays, the members all dance and give their all as each scene plays out.

It’s a surprisingly good release and one that manages to pack in a a nice mix of vocals with a catchy instrumental. The dark scenes also add in just the right amount of light to match the title of the song, and the rainbow colored lens flare at the end is nothing short of perfect.

It’s a must see MV for a release that is sure to be among the most memorable this summer!

Yoake Mae, Niji ga Sasu

They’re also releasing another single on the same day titled Hikari no Symphony, so make sure to check that out alongside their other releases below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!