Shuukan Idol – Biri Happy Edition

devil anthem

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a handful of MVs from LADYBABY, lyrical school, Morning Musume ’18, and more. Add in some information from SILENT SIREN’s latest release and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> LADYBABY join forces with Ladybeard in the MV for Biri Biri Money

There’s a lack of bearded idols in the industry ever since Ladybeard left LADYBABY. But, it’s time to rejoice because he’s back for a special upbeat track for the latest LADYBABY release. Yes, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane that is sure to please fans of the group and delight fans of bearded idols.

> lyrical school bust some rhymes with a shark in the MV for Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return

lyrical school have been dropping some chill beats and their latest MV is a great example of what they’re capable of. However, this MV adds a fun extra which I’m sure you already guessed from the title above. Yes, there’s a shark in there, but you’ll have to see the MV to see how it ties into the story. It’s weird in a good way.

> Idol College run with flags in the MV for AKATSUKI

Do you want to see someone run at full speed while they hold a giant flag? Then you’re in luck because there’s an intense amount of flags in the latest Idol College MV. Add in a surprisingly epic song and you have a true treat for fans of this group.

> WHY@DOLL take a relaxing stroll in the MV for Sweet Vinegar

Nothing says relaxation like taking a walk. Thankfully, WHY@DOLL are taking us along for the trip in their latest MV. Yes, it’s a bit on the simple side but it manages to go along with the rather relaxing song perfectly. If you need to relax or just want to tune out for some time, check out the song above!

> SILENT SIREN release visuals for their new single 19 summer note

SILENT SIREN have been on a roll, releasing some solid singles since they made the dramatic shift from “Silent Siren” to “SILENT SIREN”. Now, it’s time for another release and thankfully the covers have been released to get fans ready for their latest single. They are a treat and they have a touch of American flair for fans to enjoy!

> Suzuki Airi jams out with AKAIKOEN in the MV for To the light

Airi has just released her debut album and to celebrate we get a new MV to enjoy. This time we get to see her collaboration with the rock group AKAIKOEN and while it might be a tad on the simple side it manages to show off Airi’s wide vocal range. If you miss Buono! you’ll feel right at home with this release so make sure to check it out.

> Morning Musume ’18 bring the club down in the MV for Are you Happy?

Momusu are doing a solid job at showing off their modern take on music with their recent releases, and their latest MV takes it to a whole new level. Powerful electronic beats, awkward dance circles, and a variety of cool shots are sure to delight and please fans of the group. Enjoy the latest and greatest from Momusu above!


This week we have GIRLFRIEND and their MV for FLASH. Out now, the track is not available for purchase but the group has released their debut album titled CHOCOLATE.

Perfume are known for their catchy electronic music that has captured the hearts of fans throughout the world. But, what if you had an girl band cover one of their hits? Enter GIRLFRIEND, an up-and-coming group that manages to do just that in a rather catchy way.

This 4-piece rock group does a pretty good job of translating those beeps and boops from Perfume’s FLASH into a rock track. Add in some vocals from every member as they sing to the catchy beat and you have a rather impressive cover.

As for visuals, there are no fancy settings. All we see are a few girls jamming out in a room, which is perfect to fully appreciate the track.


Impressed? GIRLFRIEND have also covered other bands such as Keyakizaka46, Little Glee Monster, SCANDAL, and even AAA on their Youtube channel. But, if you want to get a feel for their own music, check out one of their original tracks below:

Mirai List

Visit their site here

Flash forward to the link below and grab your copy of the album or other releases from them to show your support:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!