Shuukan Idol – Turn Up The Summer Edition

sally amaki

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from Last Idol, Tsubaki Factory, BAND-MAID, SUPER GiRLS, and more. Add in a hiatus from Matsui Jurina and a new Dempagumi single and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> Last Idol act out a dramatic love story in the shaky MV for Sukide Sukide Shouganai

Drama MVs are fun when they’re done well. Thankfully the latest Last Idol MV shows off some dramatic scenes for everyone to enjoy. Yes, the scenes are shaky and the chorus is a bit repetitive, but it’s worth a look if you’re into modern idol ballads.

> Matsui Jurina announces hiatus due to her health

Matsui Jurina has missed out on a few activities due to her health. Unfortunately, it seems like we’ll have to continue waiting for a bit more with a recent announcement of a hiatus. The only question is, will she be back in time for the release of the new AKB48 single? Hope you get better soon Jurina!

> Tsubaki Factory wear yukatas in the cool MV for Konya Dake Ukaretakatta and go on a date in Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai

Tsubaki Factory have been knocking it out of the park with their latest single and the last 2 MVs for this release are no exception. There’s a modern electronic song packed full of yukatas and a Momusu-styled release with cute scenes of the members. They are both amazing and highly recommended!

> Rock A Japonica go full 80s in the retro MV for Sai the Ko

Need some chill 80s beats? Rock A Japonica have you covered with their latest MV. In it we get to see the members as they sing in an MV packed full of movement. Add in a retro instrumental and you have a delightful and light track.

> Candye Syrup take metalcore to the next level in the lyric MV for BreakDown Syndrome feat. BARA

Have you ever wondered just how heavy idols can get? Well, Candye Syrup have just the song for you. In it we get to hear a wall of brutal instruments crash down as the members sing. It’s truly a delight for those who prefer their idol music extra spicy.

> BAND-MAID fine peace in destruction for their start over MV

Break ups are messy, and the latest BAND-MAID MV is packed full of messy scenes. As the members jam together we get to see a couple as they fight and make up. It’s an intense MV, with the song adding in just the right touch of emotion to tie it all together.

> SUPER☆GiRLS get tropical in the bikini packed MV for Bubblin Squash!

With Niji no Conquistador signaling the official start of summer, bikini MVs are coming out from left and right. Next up are SUPER☆GiRLS with their CM packed MV full of bikinis and cute shots. It’s a weird soda themed MV but it’s packed full of fruits and bikinis so that alone should convince you to watch it. You’re probably already doing that right now.

Notable mentions


This week we have 2o Love to Sweet Bullet and their MV for Hitorijane Shitai. Out August 14th, the single will be out in 2 editions.

Idol groups who use EDM are hard to find nowadays (Devil Anthem. being one of the few). Thankfully 2o Love to Sweet Bullet have us covered with their latest single that is packed full of intense EDM music and cute vocals for everyone to enjoy.

In it we get to see the group as they visit a traditional Japanese house and do a variety of things. They drink tea, they talk, and they smile with not much else happening after the initial drama intro. The end of the song is also pretty sudden but it’s a fun song that’s sure to delight fans of this group.

Hitori Jane Shitai
2o Love to Sweet Bullet

Smile your way to the link below and grab a copy of that single to get these girls some more budget for their next MV:


That’s it for this week stay tuned for the next one!