Shuukan Idol – Glorious Otome Edition

zenbu kimi no sei da mashilo

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a decent amount of MVs from predia, Tokimeki Sendenbu, Sakura Ebis, and more. Add in some new singles and covers and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> predia show off their stripes in the 80s-styled Curtain Call MV

Need some predia in your life? Well, they’re here with their latest MV and it’s a good one. The vocals are on point, those moves are sassy, and the 80s vibes are through the roof. It’s not as good as the grape-slapping packed MV for Paradise, but it’s still a song that predia fans should check out.

> Tokimeki Sendenbu dance in a warehouse for their Otome no Glorious MV

Warehouses are apparently an idol’s favorite hangout. If you need proof, check out the latest Tokimeki Sendenbu MV which is packed full of electronic beats and colorful outfits. FYI, I am not responsible for any funky moves that you feel like busting out while listening to this song.

> Sakura Ebis chill out in a party room for their Lindbergh MV

Lindbergh might not be my top choice for an idol song name. But, Sakura Ebis have managed to make it work in a rather chill release. Taking place in a room packed full of disco balls and party items, it’s a surprisingly good digital single for fans to enjoy.

> STU48 postpone release of their 2nd single

Japan has being going through some pretty rough rain. Not surprisingly, the idol group who literally performs on water are going to be postponing their 2nd single until everything goes back to normal. It’s yet another obstacle in STU48’s rocky life, but a necessary one.

> QUEENS rock out in the chill lyric MV for Never Ending Song

Insert joke about how the song ends despite saying it never ends. With that out of the way, QUEENS rocked the party bus in their 1st single, and now they’re back with a new song. Bonus: the lyrics were made by a member, which is pretty rare to see in idol groups nowadays. It’s one of those “lay back and chill” kind of songs, so make sure to do just that.

> NGT48 announce their 4th single

It’s been a while since NGT48 single’s 3rd single, so hey, why not enjoy another one? Thankfully that’s what we get just in time for summer. Details are relatively scarce but it’s enough to get me hyped!

> East Meets West Music Fest happening in August

Are you into Necronomidol or Yanakoto Sotte Mute? Are you in California? Then you’re in luck because there’s a cool event happening in August, check out more details about it above!

Notable mentions


This week we have FRUiTY and their MV for FRONT LINER, their 2nd major single. Out August 29th, the single will be released in 5 editions.

There doesn’t seem to be that many idol MVs with idols wearing varsity jackets. Thankfully, FRUiTY are looking to change that with their latest MV. In it we get to see as the group dances in front of some steps at night. These varsity jackets come with extra features, turning into idol dresses when you throw them in the air which is a nice touch.

I’ve never heard of FRUiTY before but I’ve got to admit that their music is rather catchy. Featuring a powerful electronic sound, the members all sing their lines as they dance in front of some lights. Simple, but it goes well with the song and is a solid release from this group.


Grab your varsity jacket and head on below to grab a copy of their latest single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!