get funky in the dark underground for their “Keiji Jougakuteki, Mahou” MV

dempagumi inc keiji jougakuteki maho get funky in the dark underground for their track titled Keiji Jougakuteki, Mahou.

Out June 26th, the track is part of their latest single titled Inochi no Yorokobi.

Were you a fan of the funky and irregular beat that had for their past few releases? Well, you’ll be glad to see that they’re revisiting that sound in their MV for their latest single’s coupling track.

It’s a rather unique release since it’s filmed as a one-shot MV, with the members all dancing as if they were possessed. It takes place in the underground, which adds up the creepy feel to the visuals, but it’s rather normal when compared to the MV for Inochi no Yorokobi which had them dress up as gal cavewomen. Still, it does have a unique appeal thanks to the energetic dancing that they do throughout.

As mentioned before, Keiji Jougakuteki, Mahou has a rather funky instrumental. It’s packed full of saxophones, lively piano, and other funky beats that are sure to bring a smile to those who loved Taiyou Kei Kansatsu Chuu Seimeitai. Personally, it’s not too my taste but it’s awesome that they added it as a coupling track.

Get ready for an underground trip with!

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