Pimm’s ride bikes in the rain for their “Like a Sunflower” MV

pimms love psycho

Pimm’s ride bikes in the rain for their Like a Sunflower MV.

The track is available digitally now and also as part of their 2nd mini-album titled LOVE AND PSYCHO which will be released on October 8th.

LOVE AND PSYCHO will be released on a new label from Colombia called Palme Music. It will contain 5 new songs in addition to their previously released digital singles Kimi to Boku and Moo!

Pimm’s have quickly become one of my favorite groups, and with good reason, Their rock idol sound is pretty catchy, and they have an energy that is hard to match. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait for more new music since we’re only months away from a new mini album.

To promote it, we got a new MV that is packed to the brim with scenes of the members doing anything but the typical dance shot. They play basketball, run through the streets, and practice some choreography in front of the mirror throughout the video, with most of the scenes not making much sense together.

But, that changes when all of the members look up into the sky and meet up to go for a bike ride together. It’s pretty sweet seeing all of the members having fun and riding together through the rain.

Like a Sunflower is slower than their previous songs, but it still has that catchy rock feel throughout the instrumental. There’s the rapping lines near the end of the MV but throughout we get to see all of the members singing their hearts out as the guitars play in the background.

It’s a relaxing release from Pimm’s and a sign that they are still among the best rock idol groups out there. Grab your bike and get ready for a trip in the latest Pimm’s MV!

Like a Sunflower

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