Morning Musume 19’s Oda Sakura will take a month long break

morning musume 19 oda sakura

Morning Musume 19’s Oda Sakura will be taking a month long break due to pain in her left shoulder.

According to the announcement, Oda Sakura had been experiencing severe pain in her left shoulder that persisted. After visiting the hospital she was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disc, which causes her to feel pressure in the nerves and feel pain in her neck, shoulders, and arms.

Sakura mentioned in a blog post that her neck is stiff and she can’t really move it because of the nerve pain. She mentions that she wants to come back soon and is disappointed in herself because Morning Musume is starting anew with new members. She will continue to update her blog in the meantime.

She will be checked at the end of July once more and according to her recovery we will know what her activities are in the future.

This is pretty unfortunate since Oda Sakura is the best member out of Morning Musume ’19 in my incredibly biased opinion. I am glad to see that she will be resting since this will allow her to rest and hopefully recover from the symptoms.

Herniated discs are unfortunately not something rare in the idol world. Asakura Kiki is currently on hiatus due to a lumbar herniated disc, Sato Masaki had a lumbar herniated disc at one point, and Fujii Shuuka also had to leave Flower due to a spinal herniated disc. Of course, Sakura should be able to recover but it’s best to go with caution.

For now, we can’t do much else but wish her a quick recovery and hope that she comes back to the group with renewed energy. Get well soon Oda Sakura!

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