callme “Can not change nothing” MV Released

Callme Can not change nothing MV

callme have released the MV for their song Can not change nothing.

Releasing April 6th, the single will be available in 6 versions.

  • Type A – DVD with the MV
  • Type B – DVD with live footage from their performance titled Live Museum 2015 Who is callme? at CLUB CITTA
  • Type C – CD Only with an additional track titled You’re my true friend
  • Type D, Type E, Type F – CD-only versions with solo shots of the members

The single has also been chosen as the ED theme for the drama Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki.

The song itself has a nice beat that the group is well known for and is definitely a prime example of what to expect from this interesting trio of idols.

Of course there are a few things that stand out, mainly how the song is a tad laid back and the visuals are a bit too flashy at times.

Regardless, the song is pretty solid and well worth a look for those who are fans of the electronic side of idol music. Head after the break and check out the MV!

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callme “step by step” MV Released


callme have released an MV for step by step.

The track is from an album titled Who is callme?, their first self-produced release.

callme who is

From what I can hear it seems like this release is quite solid, and it’s surprising to see a group with a more indie feel to it. Seeing idol groups like this is certainly refreshing since it shows dedication to the songs and the content with more freedom to explore and use stuff that isn’t as generic as most groups today.

The video itself is quite well produced with a catchy electronic sound to it and a good beat, so definitely check it out and pick up a copy yourself!

Source: callme OHP

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