Details for Kikkawa You’s 10th Single Released

Kikkawa You Ha wo Kushibare Charming Shoubou Sedai

Details for Kikkawa You‘s upcoming 10th single titled Ha wo Kushibare! / Charming Shoubou Sedai have been released.

The single will be available in 1 regular edition alongside 2 limited editions. Limited A will include a DVD with the MVs for the single alongside the Making Of, while Limited B will feature a bonus track which is currently untitled.

While we might not get the actual covers of the single just yet, it’s a relief to see that we at least have the titles to go based off of.

Hopefully the covers are released soon but for now it seems like this will be a solid release from Kikka! | CDJapan

Kikkawa You Announces New Single

Kikkawa You

Kikkawa You has announced the release of a new, currently untitled single.

Releasing June 1st, this single hasn’t been detailed as of yet but it seems like it was a nice surprise for fans who watched her showroom show.

Make sure to get your copy  when it’s up for release, but for now it’s at least great news that we will be enjoying yet another single from this talented idol.

Kikkawa You Instagram | CDJapan

Kikkawa You “WILDSTRAWBERRY” MV Released

Kikkawa You the 3rd Wildflower Limited

The MV for Kikkawa You’s WILDSTRAWBERRY has been released.

The track is from Kikka’s 3rd album titled YOU the 3rd. ~WILDFLOWER~.

With a strong electronic instrumental mixed along with her amazing voice it gives a solid song that sounds amazing. Of course, the MV is a bit more simple with a handful of shots with different outfits and an overuse of kaleidoscope effects. Sure it’s not the most impressive video ever made, but the song is the main point and it sounds amazing.

Check out the MV after the break!

The release date is set for October 14.

CDJapan Regular | CDJapan Limited

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Kikkawa You “YOU the 3rd. ~WILDFLOWER~” Covers Released

Covers for Kikkawa You’s 3rd album titled YOU the 3rd. ~WILDFLOWER~ have been revealed.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. URAHARA Temptation
  2. Akane Disco
  3. “Suki” no Kazo e Kata
  4. Amai Melody
  5. Planetarium
  6. Ii Jan
  7. Konna Aishicha
  8. Hana
  10. Stairways

The limited edition will also feature the usual MV and Making-of footage.

Kikka is quite the underrated idol with an amazing voice and presence, so it’s a relief to see that the covers for her 3rd release are looking amazing so far. They do have an interesting picture frame theme to them with Kikka wearing her usual pure white dress alongside a feathered outfit.

Definitely a fan of the Limited edition even though it slightly reminds me of The Ring where Sadako crawls out from the TV, but so far it seems like a solid release with 10 tracks.

The release date is set for October 14.

CDJapan Regular | CDJapan Limited

New Details Released For Kikkawa You’s 3rd Album

Kikkawa You

New details have been released for Kikkawa You’s 3rd album titled YOU the 3rd ~WILDFLOWER~.

The album will feature a sequel track to one of her last single Hana which was quite long. A title for one of the songs has been revealed though to be WILDSTRAWBERRY.

Naturally the album will be released in two editions, Regular and Limited with the limited featuring a DVD with the PV and the Making-Of.

Kikka has always been one of those talented idols who seem to not get the attention she deserves, but thankfully it seems like we are getting more attention. There isn’t much of a preview for what to expect but from the picture above it seems like we’ll get some … mirrors?

Regardless, we will definitely get a great release so I’ll be looking forward to the album previews as the release date gets closer.

The album will be released October 14.

Source: OHP