Team Syachihoko “Chérie!” MV Revealed

Team Syachihoko Cherie

Team Syachihoko have released the MV for their song titled Chérie!

Releasing April 7th, this single has the same happy sound the group is well known for, and while it might be a ballad it’s nice to see that they have made it a more upbeat release.

The single will be released in 4 types:

  • Regular – B-side titled Wow Oh! Oh!
  • Type A – B-side titled Kemono no Hanamichi
  • Type B – B-side titled Rarirariho (Habanero Posse Remix)
  • Type C – B-side titled Wow Oh! Oh! and a Blu-ray with live footage of BASYAUMA ROCKAkamiso BLOOD, and Notteke Mensoore from their Shojou Matsuri 2016 event

The theme for the MV itself is interesting, since we get to see the members dancing on the streets with a series of QR codes on their clothes, costumes, as well as their normal street clothes.Apparently the QR codes lead to bonus footage so if you’re a brave fan there are hundreds of them in the MV to check out.

This by itself is a nice touch since it makes the style of the song a bit more catchy.

It’s well worth a look for fans of the group, and personally it will be a single I’ll be picking up since it’s quite adorable, so make sure to check out the MV!

Team Syachihoko OHP | CDJapan

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Team Syachihoko’s Ando Yuzu In Indefinite Hiatus Due to Health

Team Syachihoko Ando Yuzu

Team Syachihoko’s Ando Yuzu has been placed on indefinite hiatus due to her vertigo.

The news was revealed through the group’s official site, where the manager of the group also mentioned that they hope she would be able to recover and would soon be able to rejoin the group soon. She had been previously diagnosed with vertigo back in November of 2015.

Health conditions are always a priority when it comes to idols, so it’s nice to see that she is being given priority and being placed on hiatus for her health.

Hopefully she can make a recovery and come back soon!

Team Syachihoko OHP

Team Syachihoko “J.A.N.A.I.C.A.” MV Released

Team Syachihoko Janaica

Team Syachihoko have released the MV for their song titled J.A.N.A.I.C.A.

What do you get when you combine everything I love about Japan in a single video? You get J.A.N.A.I.C.A.

This is the first time I hear about the group since there are quite a lot of idol groups nowadays, but after watching this video I can say with a smile that this will certainly be a group I will keep an eye on.

Para para, wacky Japanese dance and outfits, combined with an overly happy electronic sound that will stay in your head longer than you can imagine. The video is hard to describe in words alone so make sure to check it out after the break since this is a must see for idol fans and get a fan so we can get more amazing idol wackiness from this group.

We’ll be enjoying the single October 28, so just a few more days!

CDJapan Team Syachihoko

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