Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko Has Endometriosis

Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko

It has been confirmed that Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko has been diagnosed with endometriosis.

This condition where tissue that should be growing in the inside of the uterus grows on the outside instead. This usually results in pelvic pain and sometimes infertility.

As a result, events will be adapted to her condition and her healthy will be held at priority before anything else. She did release a statement about it on her blog:

I, Kanazawa Tomoko, have been going to the hospital since the end of last year to be checked-up by the doctors、 but the result of the latest medical examination was that I have been diagnosed with 「endometriosis」。

I apologize for causing you concern with this sudden announcement。

When I first found out about this illness、 I felt extremely uneasy。 But currently、 I strongly feel that I don’t want to give up halfway on our dreams, with the group in the midst of our nationwide 220 performance tour which will lead up to our group’s goal of having our own performance at the Nippon Budokan、 so as I go face-to-face with my illness from now on、 I intend to be positive and continue on with activities。

If this condition sounds somewhat familiar it might be due to Matsuura Aya announcing the same condition back in 2011. One thing to note is that this affects everyone differently. Some women get more symptoms and others do not, but it’s good to see that they are treating her condition with the utmost care.

For now it’s hard to see just how this will affect her work as an idol, but please keep supporting her as she works to adapt around this condition.

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PassCode “from here” MV Released

PassCode from here MV

PassCode have released the MV for their track from here.

The song is featured on their upcoming second album titled VIRTUAL which will be released soon. No release date has been set but it seems like we might be seeing it along Fall or Summer since it was barely announced earlier this month.

The song is a bit more laid back than we are used to from the group since it has a ballad feel to it. Despite that it features guitars and a nice sound to it that is sure to have you enjoying it.

The setting is unique since we get to see the members in a variety of scenes, including a skate park and an equally thrilling set, a job interview. Alongside that we get to see some painting as well. It’s a compilation of working hard leading to success so that in itself is something I love.

Definitely a quality release worthy of the group!

It’s somewhat disappointing that we haven’t seen the tracks appear on iTunes or other services since it would be an amazing treat having the songs on our devices. Despite that, it’s nice to see that the members are working hard to ensure that fans will get a quality album.

Definitely an MV worth checking out!

PassCode OHP

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Juice=Juice “Next is you!” MV Released

Juice=Juice Next is you! MV

Juice=Juice have released the MV for their single titled Next is you!

Releasing February 3rd, this single is among the most awaited by fans due to the tie in they had with a drama featuring the members of the group.

The song itself is fast paced, catchy, and overall among the year’s best releases so far for the group. With a swift beat that is sure to leave you wanting more, the song has a nice beat that manages to capture the feeling of hope as they make their way to Budokan.

The setting is a bit boring at times since it’s mainly just a black stage with a moving glittery background. Choreagraphy is a bit interesting since it is a bit more fun and seems to not fit the serious style of the song.

Despite that, the song is among the best for the group and will definitely be on my radar when it comes out in a few weeks.

Check out the MV after the break!

Juice Juice CDJapan

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ANGERME’s Aikawa Maho To Release 1st Solo Blu-Ray

ANGERME Aikawa Maho Blu-Ray Cover

ANGERME member Aikawa Maho will be releasing her 1st solo blu-ray titled Greeting ~Maho Aikawa~.

Release is set for mid-March, with pre-orders open from now until February 10 on the e-LineUP! site. To promote the release there will be an event on May 12 in Tokyo so fans definitely check the event out!

As for the release itself there is a video preview showing off some nice previews and from what I can see it seems like an amazing release so far.

As per usual we get scenes of Aikawa in a seifuku alongside some shots of her in a ballerina outfit, both perfect to showcase her unique abilities. Ending with a shot of her smiling at the camera and playing with the table is a perfect way to tease the hearts of fans into loosening up their wallets.

Well played Maho, it worked.

Check out the preview for yourself after the break!

e-LineUP! Site

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Morning Musume’s Kudo Haruka To Release 3rd PB

Morning Musume Kudo Haruka PB

Kudo Haruka will be releasing her 3rd PB titled Harukaze.

Releasing February 27, it seems like this photo book will have a fresher theme relating to the translation of the title (Spring Wind). According to the description the PB was shot in Miyakojima and Nagano.

Apart from the info above we don’t know much else about the release, but knowing H!P it seems like we’ll be getting a preview through a video sometime soon. We do have one picture shown above as a slight teaser and as you can tell there will most likely be some bikini pictures.

Hopefully we get to see some more previews but so far it seems like Kudo is turning to be one of the go to members for releases!

WaniBooks Site | “Harukaze” CDJapan

Umeda Ayaka Announces Graduation from NMB48

AKB48 Umeda Ayaka Graduation

Former AKB48 member Umeda Ayaka has announced her graduation from NMB48.

AKB48 Umeda Ayaka

She is the last 2nd generation member after Kobayashi Kana announced her graduation as well.

It’s surprising when a graduation announcement happens, but having all of the members of a generation leave in the same space of time is an interesting occurrence. Most likely it seems like the members realized that they wish to leave around the same time to allow the newer generations to shine.

No reason was given for her graduation so we don’t know her reasoning behind her decision, but we wish her all the best as she moves on to bigger things, good luck Umeda Ayaka!


LADYBABY 3rd Single “Renge Chance!” Announced

LADYBABY Renge Chance!

LADYBABY has announced their 3rd single titled Renge Chance!

Releasing April 13, this single is long awaited for fans of this interestingly titled group. Alongside LADYBEARD, they seem to be on the track to success as they will also be having their 1st Oneman live in Japan at the Shinjuku BLAZE venue.

The group has seen success worldwide as people around the world have gone to their performances, thankfully it’s nice to see them go back and show Japan some love.

How will the new song sound? Time will tell but I’m excited to see just how it will turn out.


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New Group “Idol School” Announced

Idol School

A new group, produced by former Morning Musume member Lin Lin, titled Idol School has been announced.

The Chinese idol group recently held a press conference to celebrate their debut. They consist of 25 members who are all still in school. They had formed back in November 2014, which is interesting since it seems like they have been in the works for a while.

Idol School Morning Musume Lin Lin

As you might remember, Lin Lin is half of the Chinese additions to Morning Musume for the 8th generation. Alongside Mitsui Aika and Jun Jun, Lin Lin led a fun and talented generation. Her graduation was a sad event, but it’s nice to see that she has been training to be a producer and follow in Tsunku’s steps.

Lin Lin Idol School

She of course takes control of making the music as well as working alongside other talented creators.

They will be performing in Japan eventually, so that’s a relief for fans who are looking for a nice change to the idol formula with a twist from China.

I’m definitely looking forward to Idol School and what they have to offer, as well as Lin Lin’s return to the idol culture. Will they be a rival to the AKB48 culture? Time will tell, but for now welcome Idol School, class is now in session!

Idol School Weibo

Seiko Oomori “Aishiteru.com” MV Released

Seiko Oomori Aishiteru.com

The MV for Seiko Oomori’s Aishiteru.com has been released.

The double a-sided single Aishiteru.com/Gekiteki JOY! Before After will be released on February 17, so it is one of those Valentine’s Day releases to give to someone who has caught your eye. Available in two versions: a regular edition and a limited edition with a special t-shirt in a special package, making it very special indeed.

As you might tell, LADYBABY members Rie and Rei are both on the Regular cover, so that’s a nice touch for fans of this unique duo.

Of course, we’re all here for the music and we do get that indeed. There is one catch, instead of a traditional MV we get to see clips of various girls and idols (most notable Up Up Girls, and several other smaller idols) saying “Aishiteru yo” (I love you).

It’s certainly a unique theme, and while the videos are all taken from a portrait position, it’s a nice way to tug the heartstrings of the many fans as they see their favorite idol say that to them.

Not exactly what I had in mind when I imagine a collaboration between many idols, but well worth a look for this unique release!

Seiko Oomori CDJapan
Regular | Limited

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