Shuukan Idol – Usa-chan Is Back! Edition


In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we honor the queen of Momusu herself Michishige Sayumi as she makes her long awaited comeback. After a long hiatus, she has made her debut on stage to the pleasure of fans all around the world.

Of course, we also have our regular news of the week which feature C-ute’s final MVs as well as a surprising disbandment from Piiiiiin. That and more alongside our top 6 highlights of the week!


C-ute teach me a new word in the MV for Final Squall and conquer the hills in the MV for To Tomorrow

The MVs for C-ute’s final single have finally been released and they are as amazing as expected. I’m not even going to try and describe them, check out the links above!

Cheeky Parade are perfectly normal in the MV for Shout along!

It’s hard to describe Japanese music sometimes to those who haven’t enjoyed a J-pop or idol song. Thankfully, all you need to do is share this MV and you’ll be all set. Cheeky Parade’s Shout along! is packed full of colorful randomness, rap lines, and upbeat vocals that you are sure to enjoy.

Bandjanaimon! fans assemble! MV for Shuttokodokkoi released

Bandjanaimon! have managed to pack all of their energy into an MV, and thankfully fans are part of it. Shuttokodokkoi is catchy, energetic, and worth a look for those who enjoy their music!

Piiiiiiin make fans saaaaaaad with their disbandment announcement

Piiiiiin have been fairly quiet recently, and unfortunately we have found out why: they are disbanding. Check out the post for full details about why they decided to go their separate ways. We’ll miss you Piiiiiiin!

SILENT SIREN really like the letter a, announce 13th single titled AKANE / Awa Awa

SILENT SIREN are wasting no time at all after their recent label change. After the release of Fujiyama Disco, they are announcing the release of a new single for fans to enjoy. Tie ins for the songs are all set, so make sure to check out full details for the single above.

NGT48 harness the power of street blocking in the MV for Seishun Dokei

NGT48 have been around for some time, but we haven’t had a chance to see them have a release of their own until now. Has the long wait for a single finally given us an amazing song to enjoy? Well …

Notable mentions:


This week we have a group called Sakidori Hasshinkyoku, a group who might be barely celebrating their 1st release but have managed to leave quite the mark.

In fact they left such a great mark that I’m going to post their newest release on a post by itself. Click the image of them below to check the MV out!

Sakidori Hasshinkyoku

That’s it for this week, see you in the next one!