Shuukan Idol – Duu Edition

Kudo Haruka 2017

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get the sad news of a handful of graduations from Morning Musume ’17 and Up Up Girls.

But it’s not all sadness and tears since we also get some new single announcements, new members additions to CY8ER, and some interesting MVs.

That and more in our 6 highlights of the week!


CY8ER adds 3 new members

Rinahamu appears to be well on her way towards creating the ultimate idol group made up of former alternative idols and random girls to form the ultimate “Yume Kawaii” experience. In her latest move, she has doubled the size of CY8ER by adding 3 new members, all with fairly interesting backgrounds. Check the post above for more info!

Tsubaki Factory are a CD factory, announce 2nd single

Tsubaki Factory had a strong debut, so it’s no surprise to see that a 2nd single is already in the works. We might have only a small amount of info for this release (a title … and that’s it), but it seems like we are in for an amazing treat.

Niji no Conquistador announce all the things, Japan Expo 2017 performance

Niji no Conquistador are among the most interesting groups on the scene. Like this week where they went all out and announced a handful of plans they have for the coming months. So many things in fact that I have no idea where to throw my money at first. Check out the post above and get ready for an amazing year!

Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano go up up and away, announce graduation from UP UP GIRLS

Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano have long been part of the UP UP GIRLS (formerly known UFZS). In fact, they have been going at it for 7 years, an impressive amount of time for a non-changing lineup of members. Sadly, the moment has come for them to move on. Full details are available above!

Kudo Haruka takes an early leave, announces graduation from Morning Musume ’17 and Hello! Project

Kudo Haruka broke the hearts of wota and Maachan when she announced her sudden graduation from the group. More details are available at the post above, but it’s fair to say that it’s a great opportunity for her to get an early start for her future. Best of luck Duu!

BiS gave me whiplash with their Romeo no Shinzo MV

What do you get when you have a group of alternative idols and give them a camera that records only 5 seconds at a time? A great MV to go with a catchy ballad, as well as a sore neck trying to keep up with all the movement. Transition after transition, this MV is a solid reminder of how epic their Re:STUPiD album was. Check it out above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Tenko Shoujo Kageki Dan and their MV titled Kono Sekai ni Sayonara Shite.

Out since April 25th, the single was released in 3 editions: Type A, B, and C.

Slow-motion shots are by far some of the more interesting shots to include in an MV. Why not pack an MV with them? Thankfully, that’s what Tenko Shoujo Kageki Dan have done.

As the upbeat ballad plays, we get to enjoy as each member stands on what is probably the single most windiest roof in all of Japan. As those shots of their flowing hair and dead stares play, we also get to enjoy a few normal speed shots of them dancing which help give it a nice combination of visuals to enjoy.

The song is epic, and helps give those who might not be that familiar with the group (me) a preview of what they are capable of. Tie your hair back and click play since this song is among the best I’ve heard in some time.

Kono Sekai ni Sayonara Shite
Tenko Shoujo Kageki Dan

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That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!