Shuukan Idol – All The Releases Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a ton of new releases from several groups including Momoiro Clover Z, UP UP GIRLS, PassCode, GANG PARADE, SKE48, and more. If that we’rent enough we also get a handful of MVs for new summer singles from Musubizm, Maison book girl, and more.

Since there are so many great releases to highlight, we’re bumping up the total of highlights up to 10 so make sure to check them all out!


> Musubizm go full 80’s in the MV for Kimi ni Mu Chu♡XX

Musubizm is by far one of my favorite new idol groups and with their 3rd release they’re going for a unique theme: the 80’s. It’s packed full of synth and features some of the most colorful scenes ever. Strap on your neon headband and enjoy this catchy release!

> Jackpot! E-girls head over to Las Vegas for their Love ☆ Queen MV

After the new EGfamily was announced, many fans were left wondering how the group would sound. Thankfully the wait is over and we get to see all of the members as they make their way over to the flashiest casino they could find. It’s an interesting release and one that fans of the group should definitely check out!

> Sutou Ririka announces her graduation from NMB48

It has been quite a week for Sutou Ririka. She announced her engagement to the surprise of many fans and ultimately left several questions unanswered as she stepped off stage. In a recent interview, she finally revealed more info about her situation and her future plans. It’s an interesting story and one that’s worth a read.

> lyrical school yell on the beach in their MV for Natsuyasumi no BABY

lyrical school have powered up with a new lineup and hit the beach to give fans a solid summer themed release. It’s colorful and packed full of energy so make sure to put on your Hawaiian shirt and some sunglasses before enjoying it!

> Tunnel vision! Maison book girl get artistic in the MV for rooms 

Maison book girl tend to follow a strict formula, and yet, their releases tend to be incredibly catchy. Not much else can be said about their latest MV, but those who haven’t heard of them are in for a pleasant surprise.

> UP UP GIRLS back dancers are getting a debut single

We finally get confirmation that UP UP GIRLS (2) will be their own separate group! With it comes the debut single and fans are in for a surprise since it seems like they are trying out some interesting contests on Twitter to determine who will be the center.

> Kawaii goes hardcore in the new colorful group Candye♡Syrup

After Non left DEEP GIRL, many fans were left wondering if we’d ever hear her talented vocals once more. Thankfully, she has found a rather interesting new group: a colorful Harajuku hair salon-owned idol group that sings to hardcore songs. Check out their visuals above!

> PassCode announce 1st major album alongside surprisingly cool new visual

PassCode is one of my favorite alternative idols on the scene right now, with their epic clashing of post hardcore and idol to produce a unique sound. Now, fans of this popular group will be able to enjoy their 1st major album. It’s packed full of goodies and even a cool black and white photo of them, check it out!

> UP UP GIRLS reveal last release for Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano

UP UP GIRLS have been quiet about any releases lately, but thankfully we finally know what the last 7-nin release will be. Check out the full details for this album in the link above!

> From Finland to Japan! Dempagumi’s Pinky teams up with Nora & Petra

It’s not everyday that we get an idol group with members from another country. Thankfully, we’re getting an exciting new unit consisting of a duo from Finland called Nora & Petra and Dempagumi’s Pinky. It’s an interesting concept and one that is sure to be a solid release!

Notable mentions:


This week we have predia and their MV for Paradise. Part of their latest single titled Nouvelle Cuisine, it was released on June 21st.

We already got a chance to enjoy their extremely seductive and mature MV for Nouvelle Cuisine. Now we get to enjoy a listen to their B-side Paradise as they show off scenes from their Making Of for Nouvelle Cuisine. It’s a fun way of seeing how everything was made, and we even get exclusive behind the scenes look at that grape slapping scene at 1:50.

It’s not the most complicated video to make since it’s more of a fun release to see how the scenes were filmed. Still, it’s a fun watch and one that fans are sure to appreciate so make sure to check it out below!

Note: Don’t slap your grapes unless you’re a professional idol.


If you liked that MV make sure to check out our full post for this release and grab a copy of this release.

That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!