Shuukan Idol – Jumping Ship Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a large amount of MVs from AKB48, Yurumerumo!, lyrical school, UP UP GIRLS, and more. There’s also a surprising resignation from STU48, but it’s mainly MVs. Oh boy there’s a lot of them.

All that and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> All MVs for the AKB48 Shuffle Senbatsu single titled Tenshi wa Doko ni Iru? are out

When fairy w!nk won the shuffle senbatsu some months ago they were promised their own single. Thankfully, the time has come for MVs and it seems like we got lucky since all of the coupling MVs got released too. It is by far one of my favorite singles this year, so make sure to check it out and let me know if you like it as well!

> Sashihara Rino jumps ship, resigns as STU48 manager

How many boat puns can we fit into this paragraph? We’re about to sea. Sashihara Rino surprised many recently by jumping ship and announcing her resignation as a member and manager of STU48. This is a rather big hit for STU48 who haven’t even left dock yet, but one that was expected since Rino is way too busy.

> Yurumerumo! get colorful in the lyric packed MV for Nigenai!!

Yurumerumo! are weird, colorful, and one of the best groups to listen to simply because of how unique their MVs are. This time we get to see all of them sing as colorful backgrounds play behind them. Simple, but worth a look for those who want some upbeat music in their life.

> lyrical school rap all night in a telephone box for CALL ME TIGHT

Singing at night seems to be the main theme for lyrical school’s latest single and thankfully they’re doing it in style. This time we get to see the members singing in phone booths to the solid beat of this song. Make sure to listen to this song at night!

> Hi, we’re UP UP GIRLS, welcome to our stunt filled MV for Joujou do Konjou.

Do you know what’s missing from idol MVs? Stunts. Thankfully UP UP GIRLS are here to change that by pairing a catchy song with a large amount of “edgy stunts” that show off the bravery of all of the members. It’s a unique concept and one that is worth checking out simply to see them hold a bee hive.

> NGT48’s Nakai Rika joins a chorus group in the passionate MV for Daite Yaccha Sakuragicho

Nakai Rika is one of my favorite members from NMB48, so seeing her star in her own MV is nothing short of amazing. Sure, it’s a rather slow paced MV but it’s packed full of old guys swaying their hips to the beat and some surprisingly solid singing from Rika.

> =LOVE make people fall with love in the MV for Todoite LOVE YOU

What happens when an idol liked Saito Nagisa comes up to you and says “I love you”? Most normal people would fall down while hearts pop up from their head, and thankfully we finally have proof of that happening in =LOVE’s latest MV.

Notable mentions:



This week we have Oyasumi Hologram and their MV for Mother. Out since November 8th, the track is part of their EP titled 17.

Those who know Oyasumi Hologram are aware of how artsy they are.

Sure, Maison book girl are up there, but not many idols would make an MV that shows off scenes of them eating in a restaurant and just walking around at night. It’s a weird mix of scenes but one that fits in perfectly with the synth packed instrumental that has an almost alien sound to it.

You’re in for a trip, make sure to check it out below!

Oyasumi Hologram

If you liked that synthy goodness make sure to check out their releases below:


That’s it for this week make sure to stay tuned for the next one!