Shuukan Idol – Into Space Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a graduation from one H!P veteran. There are also the wide variety of MVs to enjoy from Dempagumi, Beboga, Momoclo, BiSH, Juice=Juice, and NGT48. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Wada Ayaka to graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project

The time has come. Wada Ayaka, arguably one of the longest serving members of Hello! Project, has announced her decision to graduate in 2019. It’s an epic end to what can be considered a pretty unique idol, who plans on doing some interesting things after she graduates. What exactly? Check it out above!

> go to space in Girametasu Denpa Stars

What do you get when you send a cassette with’s latest single to space? Some very happy alien wota, and also an interesting release where we see the trip a balloon takes as it goes into space. Seeing the beauty of space and how small we are in this universe inspires me to do more with life ….. once I check out this MV a few more hundred times of course.

> Beboga! help out in a store for their Super Star MV

Beboga! are the fast paced idols that we need, and this release is no different. In this MV we get to see the members as they hang around a store and help out staff sell their major debut single. Add in a fast paced song and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It’s awesome, so make sure to enjoy it above.

> Momoiro Clover Z practice kung fu for their Xiao yi Xiao MV

Momoclo are back with an MV packed full of Chinese elements. In this release the members practice kung fu and do a variety of fun activities, like flying across the air and balancing food on their head. It’s a fun release aimed at kids, but fans that are kids at heart will also enjoy it!

> BiSH visit a magical room in HiDE the BLUE

Well, this is a nice surprise. BiSH have released their next single a few days after they released their most recent single. In what is a great move to stir up attention for their next release, we get to enjoy a fairly catchy MV with a unique and well made stop motion theme. Highly recommended for all BiSH fans, even if it is a tad slower than other songs!

> NGT48 say goodbye in Watashi no Tame ni and explore space in Ato de

It’s a two in one special for NGT48’s latest release! This time we get to enjoy Kitahara Rie’s graduation song, which is sweet and slow and packed full of ominous buckets of paint. But, what takes the cake in this release is the incredibly random and colorful MV for Ato de. It’s weird, so weird.

> JUICE=JUICE get sexy in the MV for SEXY SEXY

In Juice=Juice’s latest release we get to see the group as they dance their way through a slow, rhythmic song. Visually, it’s not too in line with the song name, but it’s Hello! Project so it’s not too surprising that they take the tasteful route. Enjoy this song and add the word “sexy” to your internet history above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Moecore Gakuen and their MV for Mugen Hana.

Groups that use old fashioned instruments with modern sounds are among my favorite. Not surprisingly, the MV for Mugen Hana from Moecore Gakuen managed to grab my attention because of how well they combine rock music with Japanese instruments.

Taking place in the middle of a forest, we get to see the group as they dance in colorful kimonos. The visuals are all nice and dandy, but the song is by far the best part of this release. It has an epic sound that’s sure to please fans of idol music, so make sure to check it out below!

Mugen Hana
Moecore Gakuen

They don’t seem to have a listing on CDJapan but if you’re in Japan I highly recommend you go to one of their performances or pick up their releases.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!