Shuukan Idol – Riho is back Edition (March 25 – 31)

oda sakura sayashi riho

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from BAND-MAIKO, Bandjanaimon!, SCANDAL, =LOVE, Yamamoto Sayaka and more. Add in a surprise “disbandment” from a non-idol idol group and a couple of new releases for our 7 highlights of the week!


> BAND-MAIKO take a trip to the past in the retro MV for Gion-cho

BAND-MAIKO are the perfect combination of all that we love in BAND-MAID with a touch of old fashioned Japanese instruments. The latest MV shows off this unique mix of music as the members do traditional ceremonies and perform in front of a temple. It’s unfortunate that we only get BAND-MAIKO releases on April Fools day, but for now enjoy the MV above!

> GANG PARADE sing to a horned boy in the MV for Brand New Parade

What do you get when you have a kid with a horn on their forehead? A GANG PARADE MV of course, and one that packs in a variety of scenes of them with outlandish hair as hooligans. This one is all over the place but it’s worth a watch simply because it’s their major debut release.

> Bandjanaimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI turn up the fan service and then go to a club for their Imi・Nai・Dance MV

Bandjanaimon! have decided to change their name into something that sounds like a super hero mascot for a ramen brand. Thankfully, their quirky and fun sound remains the same as we can see in their latest MV. There’s a club full of hooded figures, a lot of dancing around, and yes, fan service. Check it out!

> SCANDAL chill out in the casual MV for Mabataki

Do you want an idea of how SCANDAL would sound if they went fully pop? You’re in luck because the latest MV from SCANDAL show us a softer side of the group. They chill in a living room, they take a bath, they even sing from a bed. This is the MV to watch if you want something relaxing to make the evening even better.

> BiS are disbanding, auditions announced for a new lineup

Well, this was unexpected. In a surprise move, all of BiS have announced that they will be leaving the group. There is a chance this is an April Fools joke or some campaign to stir up interest, but for now this seems more like a sign that you shouldn’t treat the members of your groups like replaceable objects. Shocker. Best of luck BiS members!

> Yamamoto Sayaka softly jams out with a band in the relaxing MV for Ichirinsou

Yamamoto Sayaka is hitting the ground running with her latest MV, showing off that even though she is no longer part of the AKB48 family she still has what it takes to release amazing music. It’s a simple video, but a brightly lit window and a band is all you need to enjoy her talented voice.

> =LOVE run after Nagisa in the emotional MV for Sagase Diamond Lily

Nagisa is the most popular member of =LOVE in my completely biased opinion. Naturally, that makes her the perfect choice for the latest MV from this group. In it, we see the members of the group go through a story where Nagisa boards an unmarked van. Note to self: never board an unmarked van, but do take a look at the MV.

Notable mentions


This week we have Sakura Ebis and their MV for Kira Kira. Out March 30th, the track is part of their latest single titled Winter Sleep.

Has life been a bit too hard lately? Are you in the mood for something relaxing? Well, I have just the right thing for you. An MV packed full of weird dancing poses and scenes of Sakura Ebis as they dance to a relaxing and inspiring track.

It’s not the flashiest of MVs, instead going for a handful of scenes of the members in the woods and at a building. But, the unique dances and transitions help breathe life into the song to make this a rather unique release where each member can stand out on their own.

The end drags on a bit too much, but other than that it’s a simple song that’s sure to make you smile. Give it a watch and chill along with Sakura Ebis!

Kira Kira
Sakura Ebis

Get ready to do some weird dance poses once you check out Sakura Ebis on iTunes or Apple Music:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!