Shuukan Idol – Morning BiSH Edition

morning musume bish

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have several retirement/graduation announcements from Namie Amuro, Yukueshirezu Tsurezure, and SUPER GIRLS.

Thankfully, there are good news with the release of new MVs for Morning Musume ’17, SILENT SIREN, BiS, Puchi PASSPO, and Nogizaka46. That and more in our top 7 highlights of the week!


> Morning Musume ’17 get the green light in Dokyuu no Go Sign, make me shed a manly tear for Duu in Wakain da Shi!, and break through a mirror for their Jama Shinaide Here We Go! MVs

When Momusu announced that their 64th single would be the last one for Kudo Haruka, many anxiously started awaiting the MVs. Would they give Duu enough screentime? Would they be epic? Thankfully, the MVs are all amazing, so make sure to set aside some time and enjoy them all!

> SILENT SIREN bake a cake for some guy in the MV for Just Meet

Baking a cake is something that is fun, but add in “an explosive combination of rock and pop” and you get SILENT SIREN’s latest single. It’s catchy, cute, and another solid release from this talented group. Make sure to check it out above!

> Oh hey, BiS is looking for new members again

With the recent announcement that Pour Lui would be on hiatus, many fans thought they were safe from any other surprises. Unfortunately, Watanabe is pure evil and has decided to add in another new member, even after they have just added 2 new members back in April.

> Namie Amuro, one of the greatest, announces her retirement

The J-pop scene is soon going to lose one of their greatest next year with the shocking announcement that Namie Amuro will be retiring. Despite the sad news, we can at least celebrate the fact that she has been releasing amazing music for 25 years. Best of luck in the future Namie Amuro!

> Nonono! Yukueshirezu Tsurezure’s Cococo is leaving the group

Cococo recently announced that she would be leaving Tsurezure leaving many fans (myself included) surprised. Full details are available above, so make sure to check them out. Best of luck Cococo!

> Kidoguchi Sakurako is leaving SUPER☆GiRLS due to poor health

Kidoguchi has been out of the group for some time due to her poor health. Unfortunately, it seems like the time has come for her to leave the lineup. Best of luck, we hope you get better Sakurako!

> BiS escape from prison in their old fashioned MV for I can’t say NO!!!!!!!

Oh hey, BiS again! This time we get some good news though with the reveal of their latest MV. It’s brutal and packed with drums, guitars, and a lot of prison cells. Is the MV a reflection of the desires of the members to escape from Watanabe’s hands and enjoy freedom? Maybe.

Notable mentions:


This week we have happy EDM / CY8ER-ish idol group Happy Kuru Kuru and a digest of their 1st mini album titled Happy Kuru Kuru.

Out since September 13th, the album is packed full of catchy beats and songs that are nothing short of colorful and adorable.

The digest is made up mostly of scenes of their lives which helps give a good idea of how catchy each one of their songs is. There’s also a few scenes from their Kuru Kuru Fantasy MV for those who might have forgotten about it.

Make sure to check out the final song preview for scenes of some soap bubbles covering a crowd and a confused bodyguard!

Happy Kuru Kuru [Album Digest]
Happy Kuru Kuru

This group definitely deserves some more love, so make sure to check out their releases below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!