“STAR☆TT Shichauze Harudashi ne” MV Released Star Shichauze Harudashi MV has released the MV for their track STAR☆TT Shichauze Harudashi ne.

Releasing April 27, this track will be part of their 3rd major album titled GOGO DEMPA. More details about this album can be found here.

The MV is massive! With a length of 9 minutes, this is certainly on the longer side, but with a theme showing off the group battling monsters while wearing outfits, it’s not that surprising to see that they went all out.

The song itself is catchy, has the same cute vocals the group is well known for. With a steady but fun beat, it’s definitely on the upbeat side so fans of those kinds of songs will be happy for sure.

Visually, there is so much going on so it’s hard to pinpoint only one, but it’s nice to see that they added a credit section with the members dancing and singing while the hard-working staff members are credited.

It might be long, but it’s well worth a look since it’s packed full of fun that is a must-see for fans! OHP | CDJapan

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