AKB48 “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby” MV Released

Takahashi Minami Kuchibiru Be My Baby

The MV for Takahashi Minami’s last single with AKB48 titled Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby has been released.

Since this is her last MV it seems like they did their best to capture her image perfectly and thankfully it seems like all the members did an amazing job to ensure for an epic video with her in the middle in an amazing costume.

The theme is quite fun since it features a note being written for Minami in a school setting, which of course is a bit normal for the group, but the addition of fun photos with each of the members makes for an amazing video.

It’s just a preview so there’s not that much to see in terms of story, but it’s a perfect preview of what’s to come, check it out after the break!

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Takahashi Minami Graduation Concert Date Announced

Takahashi Minami Concert

Takahashi Minami’s final concert date has been revealed to be in March 2016.

The announcement was made at the final AKB48 handshake event for her, where it was also revealed that there will be a final AKB48 Theater performance after the final concert.

While it is sad to see that she will be leaving the group, it’s nice to see that we will be indeed enjoying a bit more from her despite the impending graduation.

Fans are sure to be on the lookout for tickets since it seems like this last performance will indeed be among the most impressive in the history of the group!

The final concerts will take place on March 26-27, and the final Theater performance is set for March 28.

Taguchi Junnosuke To Leave KAT-TUN and Johnny’s

Taguchi Junnosuke

KAT-TUN’s Taguchi Junnosuke has announced that he will be leaving the group, as well as the company Johnny & Associates.

The announcement was done on their most recent appearance on Best Artist 2015.

According to him, he is almost 30 years old and has decided to consider another way in life. It was also mentioned that the group would not disband, but that there would be a discussion on what would happen to the rest of the members.

As expected this is a big blow for the popular group, with a member leaving and the future of the group currently unknown. Sure, this does happen quite often in the industry with members leaving groups quickly, but since KAT-TUN is among the most well know it is a sudden announcement.

We’ll update more when we get the details, but for now good luck Taguchi!

Taguchi Junnosuke will be leaving next Spring.

Hamada Bamyu Bamyu “Nandeyanennen” MV Released

Hamada Bamyu Bamyu Nandeyanennen

The MV for Hamada Bamyu Bamyu’s debut single titled Nandeyanennen has been released.

Clearly the character is a parody of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and it’s amazing to see that Hamada from Gaki no Tsukai fame decided to go through with the parody. Of course, he does dress up as a woman for a few of the sketches so in a way it might be a familiar role for him.

As expected, the song won’t be winning any vocal awards but it’s a fun distraction that plays with the formula that Pamyu Pamyu has set with a multitude of colors and the unique hair style that has set her apart.

Release is set for December 16, with the song being available as early as November 23 and available shortly after worldwide digitally!

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Brats “14-sai Byou” MV Released


Brats has released the MV for their song titled 14-sai Byou.

Many might be familiar with at least one of the members, specifically Rei who has been gaining fans around the world with her performances in LADYBABY.

As expected of the more rock heavy style from her other group, this group has a more macabre and darker style that is contrasted heavily by the heavy happy sound.

It’s something that needs to be seen to enjoy, but the occasional birds that she flips to the camera are a reminder that this group is heavy as a bag of bloody, fluffy pink marshmallows.

No news on when the single might be available to purchase, but the song is epic so make sure to check it out!

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PassCode “Never Sleep Again” MV Released



PassCode has released the MV for their song titled Never Sleep Again.

With a futuristic theme and holograms abounding we get to see an interesting theme for an MV that not many idol groups could have thought of. The electronic beats, the rave lights, and the crowd dancing along to the song combine to form an epic video that is sure to have you dancing.

It’s honestly a nice video that somehow brings to mind Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas due to the hard beats, screams, and the 8-bit sound during the bridge.

It’s one of those songs that you have to see to believe so check it out since it’s among the best songs I’ve heard in a while.

November 25th is the date of release so it’s just a matter of days before we get to enjoy this single!

PassCode CDJapan

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BiSH has released an MV for their song ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

BiSH is well known for causing a bit of stir with their videos since they are labeled as the anti-idol group, but surprisingly this video shows a more sensitive side from the group.

The video itself was filmed during the Eden of Sorrow tour, and features interviews for the first part of the video. In those interviews, we get to find out a bit more about their true feelings and it’s a perfect way to see them in a more natural light.

Of course, the music starts at around 5:04 with a calm beat that slowly progresses into a standard BiSH song at around 7:34 with an upbeat sound that is sure to have you jumping.

Check out the link below to download the song for free and see the tear-inducing MV after the break!

Source: Ototoy “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”

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E-Girls “E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-” Best Of Album Announced


E-girls have announced their first best-of album titled E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-“.

Since the album is a Best Of it means we can expect to see all of their singles, and from Natalie it seems like we will be getting just that with all of their singles since their debut back in December 2011.

Want more? Sure thing, there will be two brand new songs as well. Want even more? How about some remixes from DJs in Japan as well as from overseas? Sounds like a perfect release for fans.

There will be 5 types, with one being the classic 2-CD, alongside a Complete Pack with 3 DVDs or Blu-rays, and the Music Video Pack with 1 DVD or Blu-ray.

The release is shy of Valentines with a release of February 10.

Source: Natalie.mu

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Paipaidekami “Watashi no Namae wo Yondekudasai!” MV Released

Paipaidekami Watashi

The MV for Paipaidekami’s Watashi no Namae wo Yondekudasai! has been released.

Fanservice seems to be the main theme of this MV and it’s hard to deny that since the music isn’t exactly the strongest or the main selling point.Sure, Paipaidekami tries, but think of the MV as a gravure video with some music in it.

Is this video for everyone? Of course not, but it’s certainly an interesting look into the more gravure and fan-servicey side of music where bouncing on a beach ball in a bikini, moving your butt against the camera, or getting a full body massage count as an MV.

All being said it was an upbeat song, but a word of caution for those interested in seeing the video … Open the video in an incognito tab.

The release is set for December 16, so make sure to get that copy in if you’re interested!

Paipaidekami CDJapan

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