Flower “Hitomi no Oku no Ginga” Covers Released


Covers for Flower’s single titled Hitomi no Oku no Ginga have been released.

Since the group has a more mature sound I’m not surprised to see that the covers have a more mature tone to them, with a black and white filter as well as softer colors and even a full white shadowed look.

The Limited version is looking sharp, but it’s basically the colored version of the Regular E so in a way it doesn’t seem to stand out that much to me. Regular C though, it’s like a pink flower in the middle of a black and white field of idols.

Which one is your favorite? Make sure to let us know and check out the tracklists after the break.

December 16 is the date, so make sure to get that copy pre-ordered!

Source: Natalie.mu

Flower CDJapan

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Namie Amuro “Red Carpet” MV Released

Namie Amuro Red Carpet

The MV for Namie Amuro’s Red Carpet has been released.

With a solid sound and a strong voice, we get to enjoy a perfect song with a nice beat that is sure to have fans putting the song on repeat.

Sure, there might not be any red carpets in the short preview we saw, but it’s still a nice video with a little town setting that invokes a calm feeling as she sings in the streets.

Make sure to check out the Red Carpet site for a chance to customize the MV with three different colors of outfits. Apart from that, December 2 is the release date, so just a few weeks until then!

Source: Namie Amuro OHP | Red Carpet Namie Amuro Site

Namie Amuro CDJapan

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The Hoopers “Jounetsu wa Kareha no You ni” MV Released

The Hoopers Jounetsu

The MV for The Hooper’s Jounetsu wa Kareha no You ni has been released.

Idol groups are widespread in Japan today, but seeing a group of women dressed up in a boyish way and performing songs with that theme is a refreshing way of showing off a new style that might be catching on.

The beat is on point, and the dancing is nice to see alongside the Spanish beat making for a unique song that many are sure to love. The girl on girl fanservice might be new to some but since most Oshare Kei and Visual Kei bands have done it at some point it’s only normal to see them use it here.

The release is set for December 16, so make sure to get a copy of this release, which shouldn’t be too hard since there will be 10 versions released (Regular, Limited, and special Limited versions for each member).

The Hoopers CDJapan

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Iketeru Hearts “Let’s Stand Up!” Single Announced

Iketeru Hearts

Iketeru Hearts, formerly Stand Up! Hearts, have announced the release of a new single titled Let’s Stand Up!

The name Iketeru Hearts will be effective December 1.

The single will be produced by Tsunku, which as we know is practically a god of all things idols due to his history with Hello! Project and various other groups.

Not much else is known about the single at the moment since there are still 3 months before the release, but we should be hearing more from this freshly re-named group soon.

Source: Tokyo Girls Update Twitter

Fukumura Mizuki “Kagayaki” PB Covers Released

The covers for Fukumura Mizuki’s upcoming PB titled Kagayaki have been released.

A DVD with Making Of footage will be included alongside the PB. Likewise, there will be numerous stores that will offer a bonus photo alongside the PB:

The PB was shot in Kanazawa this summer, so it’s not surprising to see that 95% of all the pictures we’ve seen so far are bikini pictures, but I’m not complaining at all.

Mizuki is well known for being amongst the best-looking idols in bikinis and she doesn’t disappoint with a more adult look and image with this release.

The covers alone hint at this new adult persona with her looks inspiring a rapid rush of heart racing in all who see them. Even the Amazon cover, featuring a sundress and a hat, has a direct look that peers into your very soul, loosening your wallet and ensuring you get a copy.

Is my love for Fuku-chan the reason why I love the photos or is it due to the hypnotizing stare? You be the judge.

The release is set for December 5th, so it’s the perfect addition to any Holiday gift list.

Source:Fukumura Mizuki CDJapan

Takoyaki Rainbow “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!” MV Released

Takoyaki Rainbow Kuri-bocchi

The MV for Takoyaki Rainbow’s Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!! has been released.

4 versions will be available in four versions:

  1. Maido! – Extra song titled “Meccha PUNK”
  2. Ookini – Extra song titled “Tanoshi Kashimashi Osaka ~Oideyasu”
  3. Kansai Limited edition – Extra song titled “Namba de Samba 2”
  4. Limited event edition – DVD and making of

As the video suggests, the song itself is Christmas themed and it’s among the best I’ve seen so far due to the positive energy we get to see from the song. A catchy beat along a happy set of members mix to form a perfect release for the season.

With a train setup as the background, we get to see the members as they sing inside as well as outside with the snow falling. Thought the song was a bit too slow and sad? Add in a dancing Santa that takes the train into space with some electrical deer.

It’s an amazing song so make sure to check it out!

December 16 is the date of release, so just a few more weeks before then!

Takoyaki Rainbow CDJapan

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Hauptharmonie “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold” MV Released

Hauptharmonie Reden ist Silber

The MV for Hauptharmonie’s Reden ist Silver, Tanzen ist Gold has been released.

As you might notice from the title of this song, this isn’t your traditional idol group. With a German title and a more British pop sound it combines to form a truly unique sound that hasn’t been heard from idols.

How is the music and the MV like? The MV itself is truly the standout, with a more relaxed sound, combined with the members walking alongside a street as members in suits come out to play alongside them it seems like a laid back video.

Of course, the music isn’t exactly my style but it’s nice to see groups take the risk and try new sounds. I will keep an eye out for this group since they definitely have a nice style to them, check out the video after the break since the single will be out in around a month on December 15!

Hauptharmonie CDJapan

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Barikyun “Ano Sakamichi wo Kakeagare!” MV Released

Hime Kyun Fruit Can

The MV for Barikyun (Hime Kyun Fruit Can and Barisan)’s single titled Ano Sakamichi wo Kakeagare! has been released.

As expected from a cutesy idol title for a unit with a giant chicken nugget as a mascot, the music is nice and uplifting. The energy of the idols as they twirl around their towels is directly contrasted by the energy of the random kids in the shoot who have no idea what’s going on.

Despite that, the song is nice and calm so fans of more relaxed songs will feel just at home. Seeing all of the different locations they used for the video is certainly a treat, we get to see them inside of a factory, as well as a shipyard.

The release is set for December 2, so a few more weeks until then!

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SKE48 Caramel Cats and Transit Girls MVs Released

Caramel Cats

The MVs for Caramel Cats “Ano Saki no Mirai Made” and Transit Girls “Datte, Ame Janai?” have been released.

Starting off the MV for Caramel Cats has a happy idol sound that fans will be pleased with. With a sweet calm dance alongside a montage of the members staring at a guy in a bus as the MV progresses.

It’s not the most active of MVs but it has a sweet theme with the members doing their best to get the guy to pay attention to them.

Next up is Transit Girls, and their song Datte, Ame Janai? features a darker visual with the members in a train tunnel at first alongside a calmer song that is sure to make you want to sway side to side. Unfortunately, the short MV doesn’t get that far into the adventures the members get to experience outside of the tunnel.

Overall it’s a solid set of MVs with a calmer sound that fans will love. The themes are contrasting in a way, despite the sound being a bit similar. Regardless they are must sees so definitely consider getting a copy since the release date is a week away, November 25th to be exact!

SKE48 CDJapan

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