Morning Musume ’15’s 60th Single Titled “ENDLESS SKY / One and Only / Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi”

Morning Musume 15

The title for Morning Musume 15’s 60th single has been revealed to be ENDLESS SKY / One and Only / Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi.

We got wind of the 60th single when the news that an English-only song titled One and Only was revealed as the theme song for J-melo, and thankfully it seems like it was part of a triple A-side release from this talented group.

The above track list was mentioned in a concert and later verified by the members itself and it seems like a solid release so far. The main track appears to be a more upbeat song, but of course, that will have to be confirmed with a radio rip. The well-known English only One and Only has already received a radio rip, so we know just what to expect from 1/3 of the single.

The last track’s title is interesting since it translates to A Cold Wind and Unrequited Love, which by itself suggests a ballad. Normally on graduation singles the last track is the solo song for the girl who is leaving, but since Riho’s graduation was a bit unexpected and quick it’s unknown if this will be her solo song.

We will find out soon, but so far the release is looking quite solid. The release is set for December 29, so get those preorders in before the new year comes!

Source: Morning Musume 10ki Ameblo

Morning Musume ’15 CDJapan

Morning Musume ’15 “One and Only” Radio Preview Released

Morning Musume 15

A radio preview for Morning Musume ’15’s latest single titled One and Only has been released.

As mentioned before by the members, the lyrics of the song are all in English and I’m decently surprised to see that the lyrics are all quite good. With a rock instrumental alongside the vocals, it seems like a catchy song with all of the members doing a great job.

So far I’m loving the song, but of course the MV is where we get to see just how the song relates to the theme so fingers crossed that we will be getting that sometime in the coming week.

Release date is set for December 29, so it will be among the last releases this year!

Morning Musume ’15 CDJapan

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notall To Attend Japan Expo Thailand 2016


notall have announced that they will be attending JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016.

Performing overseas is always a treat for those fans who are unable to go to Japan to enjoy the concerts firsthand, and it’s a win-win situation since it means more promotion for the group as well as a chance to enjoy some exposure to some of their more international fans.

Japan Expo Thailand 2016

Their newest single titled JUST NOW★ notall featuring CYNTIA will be released on November 25th, so fans who will be going to the expo are encouraged to get the single to prepare for the songs that will be performed.

The expo is set for January 22-24, so it’s the perfect time to welcome in the new year with some idol performances!

Source: notall Thailand Expo Site

Yumemiru Adolescence “Mai Jene” MV Released

Yumemiru Adolescence Mai Jene

Yumemiru Adolescence has revealed the MV for their newest single titled Mai Jene.

There will be 6 versions: one CD/DVD version alongside 5 solo versions.

After releasing a series of solo songs and now solo versions for the members, it seems like the company has done an amazing job of showing off just how great the vocals of each member are.

Thankfully today we get to enjoy them together again as a group and the video pretty much speaks for itself.

With a catchy rock instrumental alongside some upbeat vocals and plenty of seifuku, we get to enjoy a nice idol song that is sure to catch the attention of fans everywhere. It’s a nice touch to have the school as a background as well with the students a unique touch, that is until they start dancing alongside the members.

In the end the video is catchy and has a fun feel to it that reflects the spirit of the group well (the angel wings at the end are just amazing). Having the random spoken lines makes for a perfect MV that fans shouldn’t miss out on as well.

The single will be out January 20, so it will be welcoming the new year!

Yumemiru Adolscence CDJapan

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nanoCUNE “Guru Guru Earth” MV Released


nanoCUNE have released the MV for their single titled Guru Guru Earth.

From the get go we get a nice and jumpy electronic sound that is sure to awaken the “Perfume senses” since the trip has a similar sound to the group, but with a happier sound and less of a techy feel.

In a way, it’s a nice balance since the song is easier to follow and focuses more on the vocals, and while it seems like they are solid the only thing that is a bit distracting is the video itself. With glitches and effects abounding, it seems like the director found the effects while editing and decided to test each and every one that came in the software.

Regardless, the song itself is solid for a group like nanoCUNE and is highly recommended for fans to check out. Thankfully we won’t have to wait since the single has been out since November 4, so get that copy if you like the video!

nanoCUNE CDJapan

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AND CRAZY “Kanjou Bakuha Rain” MV Released


AND CRAZY have revealed the MV for their song titled Kanjou Bakuha Rain.

The song itself is active with a strong rock feel to it that is sure to make fans want to rock out alongside to the upbeat sound. With a dark forest theme and a band consisting of members in gas masks and helmets, it fits the theme quite well and makes for an amazing video.

The main thing I had a bit of trouble with was getting into the vocals. Sure, they’re amazing on their own but they don’t seem to match at times. Regardless the main standout for me was definitely Aria who has an adorable look, matching the feel of the song with the black and white dresses.

Overall, it’s a solid video with a catchy song that fans of SCANDAL or Silent Siren will enjoy since it has a rock feel to it, albeit heavier.

December 2 is the date of release, so just a few more weeks!


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Keyakizaka46’s Harada Mayu Leaves Group

Keyakizaka46 Harada Mayu

Keyakizaka46’s Harada Mayu has announced her graduation from the group.

This is most likely directly related to the scandal which surfaced recently where it was revealed that she was dating her former teacher.

While scandals are nothing new in the idol scene, it seems like this one was particularly popular due to the other person involved in the scandal, that being her former teacher. Regardless of the matter it was mentioned that the request to leave was put in by Mayu herself.

The graduation was immediate so it’s unknown if she will be replaced or if the group will continue without her, but we will update if there are any more details.


Afilia Saga Loses 3 Members

Afilia Saga has announced that Ayami Chercy Snow, Louise Sforzur, and Yukafin Doll will be leaving the group next year.

Afilia Saga Ayami Louise Yukafin

Alongside the announcement, there will also be new members at the concert scheduled for December 23rd, a new leader for the group, as well as the graduation concert date for Ayami.

Ayami’s graduation concert is scheduled for February 5 at Akasaka BLITZ, with Louise and Yukafin most likely leaving around the same time or on different dates.

More details will be released at the December 23, so we’ll update with further details but for now it seems like the group is in for a massive change.

Source: Afilia Saga OHP |

Ayaka “A Song For You” To Be Used For “The Peanuts” Movie

Ayaka Peanuts Movie

Ayaka’s A Song For You will be used for the Japanese version of the Peanuts movie titled I LOVE Snoopy THE PEANUTS MOVIE.

As you would imagine, the song is slow and melodic with an uplifting spirit so fans who love ballads are in for a treat with the single and movie release. Personally, I have been curious about the movie so it’s a nice treat for Japanese fans when you get to enjoy her music alongside the movie.

Check out a preview for the song after the break in the official trailer for the movie, and while it might be short it is indeed sweet since it’s one of those songs that matches the slow, happy feel of the movie.

The movie will be out in theaters in Japan on December 4, so fans in the area are encouraged to check it out!

Source: | Tokyohive

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