Shuukan Idol – WACK Edition

Nozumu Ayuni BiS BiSH

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get the surprising addition of 2 new members to BiS. There are also a few graduations (breaking contracts is so in) as well as many MVs from NGT48, Keyakizaka46, CY8ER, and DEADLIFT LOLITA. That and more in our 6 highlights of the week!


Futuristic airports! NGT48 take flight in the MV for Junjo Yoroshiku

NGT48 have been on a roll, releasing MVs for their debut single left and right as the release date grows near. The latest features a futuristic airport and berets, so many berets. Take a look and get hyped since NGT48 are promising a solid release!

> Keyakizaka46 release the MVs for W-KEYAKIZAKA no Uta, Tuning, Wareta Smartphone, and Bokutachi wa Tsukiatte Iru

Only a handful of fans will be able to see them, but it seems like Keyakizaka46 is picking up speed towards becoming one of Japan’s most well known idol groups. Check out the MVs above and get prepared for an amazing single!

Muscle up! DEADLIFT LOLITA release muscle packed MV for Six Pack Twins

LADYBEARD is among the world’s most popular idols. Not surprisingly his return to the scene has been long awaited, with the debut of his muscle-packed MV bringing a smile fans of his new project DEADLIFT LOLITA. It’s powerful, packed with energy, and absolutely worth a look!

CY8ER get glitched in Tokyo for the “Te to Te” MV

BPM15Q recently went through a big change, in fact they went through such a big change they now have a new lineup and a new release in the horizon. Those who haven’t gone to Rinahamu’s world are in for a surprise, so make sure to check out the MV above!

Dorothy Little Happy’s Shirato Kana makes her comeback

That was quick! A few months ago we got the sad news that Shirato Kana was going on hiatus. Thankfully, the wait for her return is over since she has just announced her return.

BiS has 2 new members? Full details for WACK EXHiBiTiON released!

In what turned out to be a surprising roller coaster of emotions, the WACK family has some new additions. 2 new BiS members, a surprising member trade between GANG PARADE and BiS, and even a completely new group. Check out the full details above!

Notable stories:


This week we have Yanakoto Sotto Mute a group who is just about to release their 1st album titled BUBBLE this April 5th.

What better way to promote it than showing off a track from their new album? Thankfully fans are able to enjoy their track Lily and it’s a treat for fans of rock filled ballads. In it we can see the members performing some intense dance moves towards the ocean. In fact, they are so good at dancing that they receive some flowers from the ocean for their hard work.

All kidding aside it’s a catchy song and one that shows off what Yanakoto Sotto Mute are capable of. Make sure to check it out!


If you loved that track make sure to check out their releases below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned in for the next one!