Shuukan Idol – Etcetera Edition

dempagumi risa

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from Yurumerumo!, PINK CRES., SKE48, SILENT SIREN, Hiragana Keyakizaka46, and more. We also have some covers from Juice=Juice, and a surprise addition to AKB48’s family. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Hiragana Keyakizaka46 get active in the MV for Kitai Shitenai Jibun

Yes! We finally get to enjoy some unblocked MVs from Hiragana Keyakizaka46 and boy, is their latest MV a treat. In it we get to see the members run, be active, and generally make us feel lazy from watching them. Strap your running shoes on and enjoy this fun MV above!

> PINK CRES. sing from the rooftops in Bukiyouna Jibun and get flashy in Etcetera

PINK CRES. are showing off their modern take on J-pop with their latest MVs. In them we get to see members as they dance on stage with some sensual moves and also head up to a rooftop to sing a ballad. They’re both solid releases from this talented group, so make sure to check them out!

> AKB48 announce formation of SGO48

AKB48 is slowly fulfilling their plan to dominate the world with idols with the announcement of a new group. Yes, we will soon come to feat the number 48 as millions of idols march the streets. But for now, it’s a cool move to give fans of Vietnam a reason to go out and cheer on some idols.

> SKE48 turn up the passion in the intense MV for Ikinari Punchline

Nothing says passion like the color red and wow, is the latest SKE48 MV packed full of it. It’s set on a stage where the members perform as fire shoots into the air and fans stare with disbelief. It’s a chill release and one that’s sure to impress many so check it out!

> 22/7 are headed to Anime Expo 2018

I was tempted to call this post Sally Amaki Is Headed to Anime Expo 2018 With 22/7 but 22/7 is too cool for that joke. That being said, yes, this voice actress idol group is headed to America where they will mingle with fans and perform. Make sure to go if you’re in the area!

> SILENT SIREN enjoy summer in the MV for 19 summer note.

SILENT SIREN are back with a fun preview of their upcoming single. In it we get to see the members as they jam out in a backyard while a guy desperately tries to impress a woman he sees on the streets. It’s short but sweet, like this paragraph.

> Candye Syrup drink up in the brutal MV for WHITE RUSSIAN

Candye Syrup are a breath of fresh, brutal air in the world of idols. Not surprisingly, their latest release continues that trend with a post hardcore electronic track and an MV packed with drinks. Raise up your glass and enjoy this heavy release above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Tokyo Illuminati and their MV for Winner.

I’m a big fan of groups who use occult and dark symbols in their name while releasing bubblegum pop vocals. That’s why when I first heard of Tokyo Illuminati I was hooked.

Starting off, the song is not going to break the idol scene, but it has a unique instrumental with a playful sound that’s sure to please fans of alternative idols. Throw in some common summer idol MV elements in there like bikini shots, a member punching a guy, and scenes of them on the beach and you have yourself a decent release.

While we might not be able to buy a copy of the track, we can check out their previous releases to show our support, so make sure to do that below!

Tokyo Illuminati

Grab your sunglasses and head to the link below to grab their releases:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!