Little Glee Monster “My Best Friend” MV Released

Little Glee Monster My Best Friend Regular

Little Glee Monster has released the MV for My Best Friend.

Releasing May 11th, this single will be available in a Regular and Limited version, which will contain the MV for Chiisa na Koi ga, Owatta.

Little Glee Monster My Best Friend Limited

Unfortunately this MV is region locked so I’m unable to fully enjoy it, but there are CMs with the song where you can hear snippets and it sounds pretty solid from what I can tell (I’ll attach one after the break).

Likewise the coupling song for the single titled Happy Gate has a CM with a decently long preview and we get to hear the talented vocals from this idol group.

If you’re able to watch it make sure to get a copy if you enjoy it!


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Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da “Mudai Gasshou” MVs Released

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Mudai Gasshou Cover

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da have released the MVs for their single titled Mudai Gasshou.

The single was released on April 6th.

From time to time I like to show off some up and coming idol groups that catch my eye. Sure, they might not have the biggest fan bases but they show potential and a unique concept that sets them apart from the standard idol groups.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da are certainly one of those groups due to their unique dark tone that breaks the pure idol concept and they show off that style in their latest release titled Mudai Gasshou.

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Stereo Japan “RUN” MV Released

Stereo Japan Dancing Again Album

Stereo Japan have released the MV for their song RUN.

RUN is part of their upcoming single titled Dancing Again will be released on May 4th.

If you follow us on twitter, you might be aware of the group and their current situation: Sell 10,000 copies of the single or disband. Also, if Nanako fails to run a marathon the group disbands. Naturally, this means that there is pressure on the group and support from fans is … mixed.

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Morning Musume ’16’s Oda Sakura To Release 1st PB

Morning Musume 16 Oda Sakura

Morning Musume ’16 has announced that Oda Sakura will be releasing her 1st PB titled Sakura Moyou.

Releasing May 27th, this PB will feature Sakura in a schoolgirl, tennis, and swimsuit outfit.

Despite the rather average selection of outfits (the trusty idol outfits), it seems like an amazing time for Oda since fans will be able to enjoy a PB from her.

No other info has been revealed, but we should be getting a preview and covers in a manner of days so make sure to get your copy once that is on sale!

Wani Books

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Sai & Kou” Full MV Released

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Sai & Kou Cover Regular

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released the full MV for her single titled Sai & Kou.

Releasing April 20th, this single is in celebration of 5 years of her performing and there are various references to the number throughout the MV.

The short teaser was released a while ago, and with it came the look into this single’s trippy visuals. As expected, there are more multiple interesting visuals that are sure to impress fans and confuse the curious who are not aware of her style.

It’s a catchy cute song, and the MV shows off an interesting theme that is sure to have you humming the song for hours so make sure to check it out after the break!


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ANGERME “Itoshima Distance” MV Released

ANGERME Itoshima Distance Limited B
Limited B

ANGERME have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Itoshima Distance.

Releasing April 27th, this single will be a triple a-side single alongside Tsugitsugi ZokuzokuKoi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru.

The MV for Tsugi Tsugi Zokuzoku has already been released.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Japanese idols? Exactly, a hot Spanish styled instrumental with colorful clown inspired outfits.

It’s certainly a unique sound and one that the group uses perfectly to show off their vocal talents. The outfits somewhat fit in, and they add to the unique style that enhances the MV and makes it just a must watch MV for fans.

Make sure to check it out and get a copy of the single since this is an amazing single thus far!


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Morning Musume ’16 “Tokyo to Iu Katasumi” MV Released

Morning Musume Tokyo To Iu Katasumi Limited A
Limited A

Morning Musume ’16 have revealed the MV for their upcoming single titled Tokyo to Iu Katasumi.

Releasing May 11th alongside the other main tracks The Vision / Utakata Saturday, the single will be available in 6 editions. More info such as covers can be found here.

As you might remember from concert rips, the song has an epic instrumental mashing together classical string instruments with a strong EDM touch.

Likewise the dance is fast paced to match this sound, and it leaves you wanting more as the group makes their way across the stage or during the solo shots. Sure, there might be mostly only dance shot, but simplicity is always best.

How will the other songs compare? We’ll find out soon, but for now it’s well recommended you check it out after the break since they show off just how strong they are as a group!


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Nemoto Nagi “Peppermint Dassou Keikaku” Song Released

Nemoto Nagi Peppermint Dassou Keikaku

Niji no Conquistador’s Nemoto Nagi has released her song titled Peppermint Dassou Keikaku.

According to Nagi, this is apparently the last of this releases for now following her previous songs titled America and Purity.

Nemoto arguably is the most recognizable member of the group, in my completely biased opinion, so naturally another song where she gets to showcase her vocals is always welcome.

With a happy sound that fits in perfectly with her image, it’s definitely a solid song that is sure to have Nemoto fans with a smile due to the cuteness.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any physical release of the songs, but according to a tweet from Mikeneko Homeless it seems like there could be a CD or MP3 release sometime soon.

Make sure to check out the song and the special site since they’re both amazing!

Peppermint Dassou Keikaku OHP

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