Shuukan Idol – Funky underground edition (June 17 – 23)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a surprisingly light week for MVs, with Higeki no Heroine Shoukougun, Yurumerumo!, and releasing a couple of their latest and greatest. Add in an announcement of Momusu’s 15th generation, a couple of new AKB48 groups, and more in our 7 highlights!


> Higeki no Heroine Shoukougun haunt our hearts with their delightfully dark MV for Silent Cry

You know what I love? Dark idol groups. NECRONOMIDOL, BLACKNAZARENE, and other all-caps idol groups have been capturing the hearts of heavy music lovers around the world for some time now. Well, we’re getting another group called Higeki no Heroine Shoukougun that combines orchestral music with a dark, heavy theme. Highly recommended!

> Fairies dance on a bright stage for their Metropolis MV

It has been quite some time since we got some new music from Fairies. But, the wait is finally over. So, what can we expect? A brightly lit room, white and black colors, and a whole lot of doggy paddle dance movements as the members sing along to some EDM.

> Yurumerumo! do magic tricks in the MV for Sayonara Sekai

Magic tricks are a delight. They’re pretty astounding when done well and seeing someone bend reality in front of our eyes can leave us astonished. Yurumerumo! are taking that concept and using it for their latest MV, where they sing calmly as they do some sweet tricks.

> Meet Morning Musume ’19’s 15th generation

Morning Musume are a staple in the idol industry and for good reason. Their music is known across the world, with each generation evolving the sound that we know and love. Well, they’re adding the next generation and the result is 3 new members. Welcome to the group!

> get funky in the dark underground for their Keiji Jougakuteki, Mahou MV are traditionally known for their hyper idol music that packs in catchy and fun vocals into a colorful package. However, they have been trying out a jazz-y sound with their latest singles, and their latest MV has an evolution of that. So what can you expect? A dark alley, a lot of dancing, and a delightful track that you’ll want to hear over and over again.

> AKB48 are expanding to India, announce DEL48 and MUB48

AKB48 are a group that all of us are familiar with. But, something we don’t think about too much is that the concept of idols is not that known in foreign countries. Well, they’re looking to change that by conquering expanding into other countries within Asia.

> 22/7’s Sally Amaki is taking a break from some group activities

Sally is arguably the best thing to happen to idol in recent history. Sure, her personality is awesome, but the fact that she has been so transparent about herself is what truly makes her stand out from other “perfect” idols. Well, she has made a brave decision to talk about her social anxiety and as a result she will be taking a break from public events. Hope everything gets better Sally!

Notable mentions


This week we have Baby♡♡Holic and their short video for Senkou Factor.

The idol world is full of different groups trying to stand out. Many have found success by doing unique themes, like Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s “creepy cute” look or BiS’s “non-idol” look. But, at times these groups may try out a theme that is made for a very, very specific group of fans.

Take Baby♡♡Holic for example, they’re a baby-themed idol group.

There are probably a lot of questions already popping in your head and I’m not surprised since this theme is something that we haven’t seen before. Sure, we have adorable idol groups like Wa-suta, but a group that busts out baby bottles and play pens for pictures is something that will take some getting used to.

For those who are interested in learning more about this unique group, you’ll be glad to hear that a short version of their debut song is already out. The video does not show anything too exciting apart from a few images of the members as they sing along to the nursery rhyme styled song though, so the focus is squarely on the music.

The vocals are what you can expect for a group that has barely debuted, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in that department. As for the song itself, it does have a feel of an anime aimed at kids so there is potential.

Time will tell how Baby♡♡Holic will leave their mark in the idol industry, but for now it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Senkou Factor

No links to grab their music is available, but I encourage everyone who liked the song to give the video a like and follow the members on Twitter.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!