Shuukan Idol – 3rd time is the charm Edition (July 29 – August 4)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have an assortment of MVs from groups such as BiS,, Yurumerumo!, Maison book girl, and more. It’s all MVs, so enjoy all of those and more in our 8 highlights of the week!


> Akishibu Project dance in a school pool for their refreshing The First Summer MV

Summer idol MVs are always packed with activities like playing with sparklers while wearing yukatas, eating a watermelon that’s been split with a stick, and dancing in bikinis. The latest lineup from Akishibu Project are taking that formula to show us a rather calm summer release. It’s not too complicated, but it’s perfect if you want to scratch that “summer time idol” itch.

> BiS show off their faces in the trash-packed MV for BiS – Douyara Zombie no Odemashi –

It’s finally here. The “3rd times the charm” BiS have been faceless for a while now, having not met the 15,000 Twitter follower challenge that Watanabe gave them. Since then, they’ve been teasing us with a slow trickle of songs and a pixelated version of their latest MV. Well, they’ve finally met that challenge and just got the release of their uncensored debut MV. Guess what? It’s a pile of trash. No, it’s not bad, it literally takes place on a pile of trash.

> have fun under the sea in the aquatic MV for Bon・De・Festa

You can always count on to release something completely random and colorful. We’ve gone to the prehistoric times and we’ve gone to the most dangerous place of all: an empty garage lot. Now, we’re taking a dive under the sea where fans will be able to see the members wear aquatic-themed outfits and forever have the image of Eimi’s face on a turtle burned into their brains. It’s a highly recommended MV!

> Tamura Meimi sings in the rain for her mellow Butai MV

Tamura Meimi is one of those singers that had a relatively successful career as part of ANGERME. She stood out from time to time, but never truly got a chance to shine. Thankfully that changed with her pursuing a fairly successful solo singing/acting career. Her latest MV is a great refresher for those who might have missed her first two singles (me).

> SUPER☆GiRLS cheerfully dance in the sun for their NIJI Iro SKY MV and dance in the rain at night for their Jounetsu RUNNER MV

SUPER GiRLS are giving us a taste of both worlds for their latest batch of MVs. One shows off the members being all cute and wearing school uniforms, while the other shows the group dancing at night in the rain. They’re both pretty passionate and a good taste of what the group is capable of so make sure to give them a watch.

> Yurumerumo! beat up a guy at night in the MV for Gachagaki

Yurumerumo! are taking us out on a trip at night as we get to see them beat up a couple of guys for taking Ano’s guitar. It’s the best kind of theme because we get to see justice and also Ano show off her guitar skills. Should you beat up a guy for stealing your guitar? Best to leave that to the police, but do give this MV a watch!

> Kikkawa You walks on the beach in the MV for Akatsuki – Yoake –

Kikka is one of those singers who is incredibly talented but for some reason she hasn’t become as mainstream popular as others. Need some evidence? Her latest MV should convince you. It’s a rather emotional release where we get to see her cry in a corner and also walk on a beach, but it’s overlaid with an amazing ballad. Kikka perfection at its best.

> Maison book girl point at each other in the animated MV for Anshoku no Asa

Maison book girl are no strangers to the artistic, but there’s always been that limitation of how much weirdness you can do in real life. Well, they’re going animated for their latest MV and it’s great to see that they’re able to add stuff that you normally couldn’t. It’s an artistic release that is made even better by the song which strangely enough has no xylophones.


This week we have Kaze Hikaru Fukurou and their cover of the song Samishii Nettaigyo. The song was an 80’s blockbuster song made by the group Wink.

I didn’t grow up in Japan so I’m not too familiar with the 80’s nostalgia that Japanese people feel. But, I do have to admit that I’m a fan of those 80’s styled songs. Something about the outfits from that era alongside the endless use of synths is just so catchy.

Thankfully we have a song with that vibe to enjoy today and it’s from a relatively new group. Yes, Kaze Hikaru Fukurou are here and they’re exploiting our nostalgia for profit with their latest release. Thankfully, they’ve done a magnificent job of it and are giving Wink a perfect tribute.

In this MV, we get to see the members walking along with some black silhouettes as they dance to the synth-packed song. Apart from a few additions to make it more modern, we get a pretty faithful recreation of the song, which should please a lot of Wink fans.

For those of us who are not too familiar with the group or Japanese 80’s, we can at least enjoy the MV for what it is. A tad simple in the theme department, but seeing the members dancing and singing perfectly to the song is a treat. The occasional off-camera looks from Marin (the first girl to sing) are a pretty cute addition, but all other members did pretty well performance-wise.

Give it a watch below and make sure to stay tuned for more Kaze Hikaru Fukurou!

Samishii Nettaigyo
Kaze Hikaru Fukurou

For those curious about the original for comparison, or simply to enjoy some of those sweet 80’s synths, give it a watch below:

Samishii Nettaigyo

Don’t stand still! Check out more from Kaze Hikaru Fukurou on CDJapan below:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!